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Just enter the rate at which you pay tax, and the number of business miles you've driven. The mileage tax relief calculator will let you know how much your claim is worth.*


*This calculator only provides an estimate and doesn’t take into consideration any mileage paid by your employer.

Claiming Mileage Tax Relief

How much can I claim back per mile?

The mileage tax relief calculator uses the current approved mileage rates of 45p per mile for the first 10,000 business miles and 25p per mile for every business mile after that.

The rate at which you pay tax can affect the amount you are owed. For example if you pay tax at 40% and the total figure you are claiming is £2000 you will receive a mileage tax rebate of £800 (which is 40% of £2000).

How far back can I claim for a mileage tax refund?

You can claim mileage tax relief for the last four tax years. You don’t need to be with the same employer to be able to claim.

Am I eligible to claim mileage tax back?

Many people are unaware that claiming mileage tax relief is possible and miss out on what they are entitled to. However claiming mileage is not allowable for normal commuting to and from one place of work, and you will only be eligible to claim a mileage tax refund if you travel to a temporary workplace.

I’m paid by my employer… can I still claim a mileage tax refund?

It depends on how much you are paid and if it is taxed.

Taxed mileage allowance:

A taxed mileage allowance paid by your employer means you can still claim back the full approved mileage rates.

Untaxed mileage allowance:

If you’re paid an untaxed mileage allowance a claim will only be possible on the difference between the approved mileage rates, and what you are paid by your employer. If your employer has paid you the full approved mileage rates and not taxed it, you become ineligible.

Do I need records to claim mileage tax relief?

Having records is helpful but not always necessary. We can talk you through what other options are available if actual records aren’t available.

How do I claim my mileage tax back?

We specialise in reclaiming mileage tax relief. The rules are complex meaning it’s really important you only try and claim your legitimate entitlements, otherwise you will face questions and delays.

We are trusted by countless trades men and professionals to claim their mileage tax refund. With a 98% success rate and average mileage rebate of over £2500 you should make a claim today.

Some of the people we have helped:

  • Carers and healthcare workers
  • Sales people
  • Construction workers
  • Estate agents

Many people are eligible to claim mileage tax back. The important thing to remember is that your job title is not relevant to the eligibility criteria. Clocking up business mileage in your own private vehicle makes a successful claim very likely.

Our mileage tax rebate team will:

  • Ensure your claim is put together by professional, fully regulated accountants.
  • Relieve stress and save time with our tried and tested procedures.
  • Monitor the progress of your mileage tax relief claim to ensure it is completed by HMRC in a timely fashion.
  • Guarantee an optimised tax rebate that includes every allowance that applies to you.

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Very professional company.I found the company online and they were able successfully to claim back overpaid tax on my pension saving me time and stress trying to deal with the Hmrc from overseas

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