Mileage tax relief calculator

Use the mileage tax relief calculator to work out how much you can claim

Just enter your gross pay, the rate at which you pay tax, and the number of business miles you’ve driven. The mileage tax relief calculator will let you know how much your claim is worth.

Mileage tax relief calculator

Total Business Miles:   
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Claiming mileage tax relief quick facts

How much can I claim back per mile?

The mileage tax relief calculator uses the current approved mileage rates of .45p per mile for the first 10,000 business miles and .25p per mile for every business mile after that.

How far back can I claim a mileage rebate?

You can reclaim business mileage tax relief for the last four tax years. You don’t need to be with the same employer to be able to claim.

I’m paid by my employer can I still claim?

It depends on how much you are paid and if it is taxed.

Taxed mileage allowance:

A taxed mileage allowance paid by your employer means you can still claim back the full approved mileage rates.

Untaxed mileage allowance:

If you’re paid an untaxed mileage allowance a claim will only be possible on the difference between the approved mileage rates, and what you are paid by your employer. If your employer has paid you the full approved mileage rates and not taxed it you will not be eligible to claim.

Do I need records?

Having records is helpful but not always necessary. We can talk you through what other options are available if actual records aren’t available.

How do I claim my mileage tax back?

We specialise in reclaiming mileage tax relief. The rules are complex meaning it’s really important you only try and claim back what you are entitled to, otherwise you will face questions and delays.

We are trusted by countless trades men and professionals to claim their mileage. With a 98% success rate and average mileage rebate of over £2500 you should make a claim today.

Some of the people we have helped

  • Carers and healthcare workers
  • Sales people
  • Construction workers
  • Estate agents

The list is endless. The important thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter what your job title is. If you use your own car for for business mileage a claim is likely.

Our mileage Tax Rebate Services will:

  • Use qualified accountants regulated by the AAT
  • Make it easy for you – we do all the work
  • Track and follow up your claim to make sure it completes in the shortest time
  • Guarantee you get the tax rebate you are entitled to



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Mileage tax relief calculator

Total Business Miles:   
At what rate do you currently pay tax? (please select):   


£4,335 tax rebate

"Got my mileage tax rebate cheque today for over £4000, it’s been well worth the effort!"

P Delaney, Regional Manager, London, Received £4,335 for claiming tax back on petrol mileage


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