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Use our free UK tax refund calculators to calculate your refund.

When you use a tax refund calculator you’ll be able to estimate how much you could be owed for free.

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Why use a tax refund calculator?

Our tax refund calculators are the perfect place to start investigating your suspicion that HMRC may just owe you some overpaid tax back.

In most cases it’s your responsibility to reclaim any overpaid income tax. Our refund calculators set you off on the process by estimating what you might be owed.

This is not your guaranteed, final tax refund amount. You must submit an official claim that is agreed by HMRC before you receive your actual tax rebate.

There are different factors that can affect your entitlement and the value of your refund claim. These include:

Tax refunds and the UK tax system

Getting to grips with how the UK tax system works is essential to ensure you don’t pay too much tax. If you are employed you will pay tax through the PAYE system and the amount you pay will depend on your PAYE tax code.

HMRC put’s the responsibility of recovering any overpaid tax with each tax payer which means making your own checks on whether you qualify for a tax rebate is crucial.

There are lots of reasons why you can overpay tax through PAYE and, if you have, the Tax Office is waiting for you to ask for it back.

Find out why you are owed a tax refund

Our UK tax refund calculators cover some of the popular reasons why you could qualify for a refund of income tax. Trying to understand how tax affects you can become confusing and this often means people miss out on money they are entitled to.

The refund calculators make it simple to check for different types of rebate in a quick and easy to understand format.

Learning more about what you’re entitlement to can mean a rebate for the four preceding tax years and decrease your tax bill in the future too.

How to claim your UK tax refund

If you think you might qualify for a tax refund you need to act as quickly as you can. There is a four year time limit after which you won’t be able to reclaim any refunds.

The way in which you claim depends on the type of tax rebate you are applying for and your own set of circumstances.

Some of the main factors affecting the way in which you claim are:

  • The value of the expenses you are claiming.
  • If you complete a Self Assessment tax return.
  • The type of tax relief being reclaimed. Different forms exist for the various types of tax relief.

Claiming a tax refund for work expenses

Typically there are two ways to claim back a tax refund due to expenses incurred at work.

  • If your expenses total less than £2500 in any one tax year and you do not already complete a self assessment tax return the form P87 should be used. The P87 can be submitted online or downloaded and posted to HMRC.
  • If your expenses are valued at £2500 or more a self assessment tax return will usually be needed. You will need to include your employment expenses in the relevant section of your tax return.
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