Professional Fees Tax Relief

If you are in a profession where you must pay a subscription or a professional fee, it is highly likely that you are entitled to tax relief.

You can claim a tax rebate for professional fees for most industry bodies backdated for up to four tax years; in most cases you should get a new tax code which means a reduction in future years too.

The professional fees tax relief guide will let you know what you are entitled to and how to claim it back.

Claiming tax relief on professional fees

For some job roles it is essential that you have professional registration and / or a special licence that allows you to legally practice your profession. Where not mandatory, it might be beneficial to voluntarily become a member of a professional body (you can claim tax back on union fees too).

Regardless of whether membership is mandatory or optional, you are likely to need to pay an annual fee for membership and for this you may be entitled to subscriptions tax relief.

You can claim tax relief on professional fees:

  • if you require professional membership or a license for your job, or choose to enter a voluntary organisation for job-related benefits; and
  • the organisation is approved by HMRC for subscriptions tax relief.


HMRC does not offer tax rebate on professional fees as a matter of course. Not all organisations are approved by HMRC. You can use our professional fees directory to see if your professional body is eligible. Furthermore, the following exemptions apply:

  • You’ve opted for a lifetime membership on your subscription
  • When the employer is paying for your professional fees

What tax relief are you entitled to?

What you can claim back is all dependent on the agreement between the professional body or Union and HMRC. Each body has independently agreed the rate at which relief can be claimed.

How can I claim for my professional fees?

We specialise in helping professionals just like you claim their tax back on union fees and professional subscriptions. What’s more, it’s likely you’ll be owed tax relief on other work expenses too (find out more with our free tax guides), so we’ll investigate this on your behalf, as part of the process.

Our expert accountants will handle your claim quickly and professionally, so fill out the form below, and allow us to claim back the money you’re owed.


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