National Insurance Changes Proposed

The Office of Tax Simplification are proposing a change to the way National Insurance is paid. Find out how this will effect you and if you could end up paying more NI!

2012/2013 Tax Rebate Deadline

The 2012/2013 tax year deadline is nearly here. If you think you are owed a tax rebate start your claim today so you don't miss out!


Are you self employed and need a form SA302 to apply for a mortgage? Find out where to get your form today.

Sharing Economy Relief

Do you sell on ebay or rent a room through airBnB? Find out if you need to declare your income to the tax man!

UNISON tax rebate sectors

Are you a member of UNISON? Find out if your job title let's you claim tax relief on your UNISON fees.

Higher Education Professionals’ Tax Relief

Are you a Higher Education Professional?Find out if you are owed a tax rebate for professional fees, travel, working from home and other related expenses.Don't miss out on your tax rebate.

Mechanics finance tax relief

Are you a Mechanic who has bought tools on finance? You can claim tax relief on the interest for the last four years!

When did you last check your Tax Code?

When did you last check your tax code? If it's wrong you could be paying too much tax. Find out if your tax code is right and if it isn't how to change it.

MAC Tool Event Heythrop Park 2016

Tax Rebate Services was invited to the MAC tools fair to promote our tool provider partner program. If you're a tool provider you should find out how we can help you and your mechanics.

HMRC Taskforces’ Success

HMRC taskforces' for catching tax cheats is getting better every year! Find out how much HMRC has been recouping.

HMRC staff cuts

HMRC staff cuts could mean you could be due a tax rebate!

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