Healthcare worker tax rebate guide

Most healthcare professionals from both the NHS and private sector can claim a healthcare worker tax rebate. We’ll help you get yours.

There are a number of reasons why you could claim a healthcare worker tax rebate − from washing your own uniform to using your own car. You can make a claim to cover the last four tax years, and you should pay less tax in the future too.

Our free guide will help you find out what you are entitled to and how to claim it back.


What you can claim for…

Rebate for professional fees

HMRC allows tax relief on fees for many professional bodies, for example a nurse can make a claim for NMC fees or UNISON tax relief.


Uniform tax 

If you have to wash your own uniform for work, and the NHS or other employer doesn’t reimburse you or offer laundry facilities, you can claim tax relief on the cost of laundry.

The current uniform washing allowance for healthcare workers is worth £125 each tax year.


Rebate for the cost of shoes and tights

Tax relief is available for many healthcare workers who buy shoes and tights for work use, and aren’t reimbursed by their employer.

The current allowances are £6 for tights and £12 for shoes per tax year.


Tax relief for car use and business mileage

You can claim tax relief if you use your own car for work purposes − for example to visit patients in the community. You can’t claim for normal commuting to your permanent place of work.

You need to produce records of journeys, dates and mileages to make a successful claim for your full entitlement. If you don’t have these records, Tax Rebate Services has a high success rate in securing a business mileage tax rebate through negotiation with HMRC.


Tax relief for assets or equipment bought for work use

This tax relief covers items that have to be bought to enhance the performance of your employment duties, and must not have been provided by your employer. Examples could be a lap-top or office desk.

This type of claim is made under the capital allowances rulings. If the purchase has a lifespan of more than two years, it will generally be allowed for tax relief by HMRC, but you’ll need a receipt or other proof of purchase. The time limit for making a claim depends on whether you’ve completed a self assessment tax return.


We make it easy for you

Tax Rebate Services specialises in helping healthcare workers from both the NHS and private sector to claim tax relief on expenses. Our qualified accountants make the process simple and hassle free. As we’re members of the AAT, you can be confident that your claim will be dealt with professionally.



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Healthcare worker calculator

Use the NHS healthcare worker tax rebate calculator to find out how much your owed

Just enter your gross pay and how much tax you’ve paid. The calculator doesn’t work out if you are due a tax rebate for expenses you have because of  your job.

To find out if you can claim a rebate for your uniform, professional fees and more just fill in the form below.

Healthcare worker calculator

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Tax Year:2015 - 2016
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£208 tax rebate

"Just the type of company I like to deal with. No hard sell, just the facts and an offer of your service. It’s been a pleasure from start to finish, and I got a refund of over two hundred pounds."

Mrs Reid, Midwife, Kent - received a £208 NHS healthcare worker tax rebate


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