What is a P46 form?

HMRC’s reference for a P46 is an ‘Employee without the form P45’. You will usually fill in a P46 if you start a new job and your last P45 is unavailable.

The P46 tax form is important because it helps you pay the right amount of income tax. If you don’t have a P45, or fail to complete a P46, your employer will normally need to use an emergency tax code against your salary, meaning you can over pay tax.

To get help from the tax office about your P46 or P45, call HMRC.

To discover if HMRC owes you a tax rebate, read on!

Do I need a P46 tax form?

The most common reasons why you would need a P46 tax form are because:

  • You can’t provide your new employer with your last P45 form.
  • You are starting your first ever job.
  • You are starting a second job without leaving your current employment.

Completing a P46 tax form is your responsibility, and you should not assume your employer will fill in a P46 for you.

What facts do I need at my fingertips to complete a P46?

The P46 form needs you to state information such as whether you make student loan repayments, or are in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance. Certain details about your tax code are also requested, along with some basic personal information.

Where do I get a P46 tax form from?

If you don’t have a P45 your new employer should provide you with the P46 form to fill in. Once you’ve completed and signed the P46, your new employer will pass it on to the tax office. If you are an employer and need a blank P46 form you click here to go to HMRC’s P46 page.

Could you be missing out on your tax rebate?

If you’re finding out about a P46 it’s a good time to ask yourself – “Can I claim a tax rebate?”

You could well be owed money you didn’t even know about and claims can be backdated for the last four tax years.

Input your details into the easy tax rebate contact form below to to find out how much your could be owed.

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