What is an R40 form?

An R40 is the form that needs to be completed if you wish to claim a repayment of tax deducted from your savings and investments.

The information provided will allow HM Revenue & Customs to investigate whether you’ve paid too much tax and issue you with a refund of any monies you may be due.

There are twelve different sections of the form to complete, which include personal details, income streams and allowances. All twelve sections will need to be completed to ensure you receive your full refund.

If you are a non resident and need to reclaim claim personal allowances and a tax rebate due to UK savings and investments you should complete HMRC form R43.

When should I fill in an R40 Form?

An R40 Form is for you to reclaim overpaid tax on the interest you’ve earned from savings, investments or life annuities that you’ve purchased.

To be considered for a refund, you must be a resident in the UK and not complete a Self Assessment tax return in the year of the claim. If you do complete a tax return, any refund of tax owed to you will be repaid through the Self Assessment system after your tax return has been submitted and processed by HMRC.

How many tax years can I use an R40 for?

The R40 and R43 forms can be used to reclaim tax for the past four tax years only.

How do I submit my R40?

The tax office would prefer that you submit the R40 form online but you can apply by post by sending your completed form to the address:

Pay As You Earn
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom

You should not complete an R40 if you need to complete a self assessment tax return in the year of your claim.

R40 PPI tax rebate

The R40 or R43 forms are also used to claim back a tax rebate on PPI refund repayments. The tax office need you to complete the R40 (or R43 if you don’t live in the UK) if you are eligible to claim a tax rebate on a PPI refund.

You should send your completed R40 for a PPI tax rebate to the address below:

PPI Tax Interest Claims
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom

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