What is SA104?

SA104 is a supplementary part of your self assessment tax return and is used to declare figures relating to a business ran as a partnership. It is used by HMRC so you can tell them about your own share of earned income and any losses from a partnership.

The SA104 is only for individual partners and not for the partnership itself which submits form SA800.

When you complete your SA100 tax return the SA104 supplementary page will be an available option to select and complete. HMRC expect to receive SA104 as a self assessment tax return supplementary page when you submit your tax return.

Do I need to submit SA104?

HMRC will expect you to complete SA104 if at any time during a tax year you were part of a business which was classed as a partnership for tax purposes.

If you were part of more than one partnership you must complete an SA104 for each partnership you were a member of.

What do I need for SA104?

To complete your SA104 you will need various facts and figures about your partnership. It would be very helpful to have your partnerships SA800 form to hand because a lot of the necessary information will be included on it.

Information like your partnerships UTR number are all included on the SA800 so get it ready before you start completing SA104.

The SA104 and SA800 are often completed alongside each other because the forms are so heavily related to each other.

In cases where the same partnership produced more than one partnership statement (SA800) a separate SA104 should be completed reflecting the details from each SA800.

How do I submit SA104?

SA104 is not submitted on its own and should be submitted as part of your SA100 tax return.

You can submit your SA104 as part of your tax return submission online or by post if your tax return is completed manually in a paper format.

SA104S and SA104F

There are two types of SA104 which are SA104S and SA104F. The SA104 uses the letter S for the short version of the SA104 and the letter F for the SA104 full version.

HMRC states that SA104S should be used if you are only submitting partnership trading income, interest (or alternative finance receipts) received after tax was deducted from a bank or building society.

The SA104F covers all possible types of partnership income and should be used if you are not eligible to complete SA104S.


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