What is a P85 form?

A P85 is the form you complete to officially tell HMRC that you are leaving the UK. You must provide answers to a number of questions concerning you and your tax affairs.

The P85 form helps the office update your tax record and is important if you want to claim UK tax back and to ensure you have the correct UK residence status for tax purposes.

When should I fill in a P85?

You should only complete a P85 form if:

  • You are leaving the UK and may not be coming back or don’t know when you are coming back to the UK.
  • You are leaving the UK to work abroad for a minimum of one complete tax year.
  • You are becoming a UK non resident for tax purposes and don’t need to complete a tax return.

It’s very important you complete a P85 correctly. Filling in the form wrong can have serious implications like holding up any repayment of overpaid income tax, or affecting your residence status for tax purposes in the UK.

You should still submit a P85 even if you are not owed a tax rebate because it keeps your UK tax record up to date.

Am I due a P85 tax refund?

If you leave the UK it’s normal to be due tax back for the tax year in which you leave the UK. To get your refund of tax you must complete a P85 before a refund is paid. If you complete a self assessment tax return you would not normally have to complete a P85.

How do I get a P85 tax refund?

If you are owed a tax rebate because you are leaving the UK it will be repaid after the completion of your P85 or self assessment tax return. We can help you complete your P85 by reviewing your own personal set of circumstances and ensuring the correct forms are completed at the right times.

P85 tax refund services

Our leaving the UK and non resident tax specialists can take care of the tax refund process for you and gets 5 star reviews from our clients. If you are already resident in another country, things like different time zones can make processing a claim even more complex. Our field of expertise can support:

Tax Rebate Services offers a complete leaving the UK package from the tax year in which you leave the UK and beyond. You can contact us by filling in our easy online contact form, emailing [email protected] or calling +44 (0)1228 520477.

P85 UK tax back calculator

Use the calculator to work out how much tax you can reclaim.

Tax Rebate Calculator
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