What is a P800 form?

A P800 is also known as a tax calculation, and shows the breakdown of all your taxable income and tax paid. 

Not everyone will get a P800 tax calculation, but if you’ve made a tax rebate claim, HMRC will issue them to tax payers who’ve paid either too much (meaning you are due a tax rebate) or too little tax.

If you have any questions about your P800 you can click here to call HMRC (the tax office).

HMRC lets you claim your P800 tax refund online. Click here to be taken to HMRC’s web page for claiming your P800 refund.

The P800 shows your:

  • total income.
  • total tax paid.
  • tax free personal allowance.
  • tax deductible expenses incurred in that tax year.

It’s important to understand how your tax calculation works to ensure the information stated on the form is correct for your particular situation.

How do I work out a P800 form?

HMRC will generally send you a P800 tax calculation for each tax year in which you have either paid too much or too little tax. There are a variety of tax forms which can be used to check your tax position with the most popular under the PAYE system being a P60 and P45.

P800 tax calculation explained

In this example, we’ll assume that a tax rebate is owed by HMRC.

The figure in THE RESULT box on each year’s P800 tax calculation are NOT to be added together – as they accumulate each year. So the total figure you are owed will be shown on the last tax calculation form.

For example, if you are claiming for two years, say the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 tax years, the total amount of tax rebate you are due will be the figure presented in THE RESULT box on the 2014-2015 tax calculation form.

Generally, you won’t receive a separate refund cheque for each tax year.

Check your P800

P800s aren’t always correct, so it is always best to check your form to ensure you are not paying too much or too little tax. The tax office will ask you to check your P800 to make sure that all the information included is correct. If it’s wrong you can overpay or underpay income tax.

P800 tax refund

You can get a P800 tax refund for numerous reasons. If you are owed a tax rebate under PAYE due to expenses incurred at work you will not automatically receive a refund meaning you have to request your entitlement from HMRC.

The way in which you make a tax rebate claim varies depending on the type of expenses you are claiming. For example a vehicle technician who buys tools and equipment for his job needs to make a claim for capital allowances in writing with supporting evidence.

Have questions about your P800?

If you have received a P800 and have a question and you don’t have an accountant you should call HMRC (the tax office). You can call HMRC on 0300 200 3300.

Important: Tax Rebate Services is an independent accountancy company. We offer tax and accountancy services to employed and self employed people in the UK.

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