Giving you free money saving tips, calculators, and guides.

Money Guides

Self Employed

If you’re your own boss, we’re here with financial tips to help your business grow.


Some creative ideas to save money from birth to … well, it doesn’t end, does it?!


Gas, Electric, Broadband it’s all about efficiency - from finding the best value tariffs, to easy energy saving habits… it’s all here.

Money Health Check

Take the free money health check today to find out how you can improve your finances.

Money Calculators


If only controlling how much leaves your wallet was as easy as knowing how much goes in! Money management basics for your household budget.

Credit Cards

Baffled by the small print? Get credit card savvy with some simple basics and how to find the best deal.


It’s probably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, so there’s no such thing as too much information.


Not sure where to put them? Maximise your savings’ potential with our easy-to-read facts.


Which loan is best for you? Let us help you find the best rate in the quickest time.

It’s not all about tax

We’ve been trusted by thousands of UK tax payers for over 15 years to deal with their tax affairs. It’s because of this trust we have been asked many different questions about a variety of money matters.

In response we have created Tax Rebate Services Money to give you helpful insights and tips into the most popular money issues.

It’s all totally free and independent and you can use everything as many times as you want.

We have made it open to everyone and not just clients of Tax Rebate Services. Our team will keep things up to date with the latest news ensuring everyone is kept in the know on how to save money now and in the future.

Tax Rebate Services Money

Why shouldn’t you save money and secure a more stable financial future? From babies to energy bills, self employment to saving – you work too hard to waste a single penny.

Tax Rebate Services Money covers the most common money matters with:

Money Guides
Our easy to read money guides are the best way to get started with everything laid out in plain English and they let you know where to go to if you need to take action.

Money Calculators
Using a calculator is a great way to get a quick and simple answer. They are provided, for free, by The Money Advice Service and offer an individualised tool for planning and tracking your money. Calculate your way to spending less today…

Take action and start saving

You need enough information to weigh up your options and make sound spending decisions. At Tax Rebate Services Money, we consider that to be your entitlement but like getting a tax rebate you need to make a bit of an effort at the start to get the benefit at the end.

Putting it off to another day will never make you better off, so act now and then thank yourself for it when you’re sitting on a beach enjoying the sun.

We’re here to give you more power and control over your decisions, the rest is up to you. The information is all here so go get it and start saving.

Here’s to improving your finances and putting more money back in your pocket.

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We are not liable for any financial losses or if anything goes wrong. We are also not entitled to any portion of the money you save or make using ideas and information from this site. We do link to other websites to help your user journey and are not responsible for their content.

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