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It doesn’t matter where you're from we’ve helped people from Australia to Zambia to get back the UK tax they are owed.

Use the calculator to work out how much tax you can reclaim.

Tax Rebate Calculator
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Have you left or leaving the UK? Calculate your UK tax back today

The UK tax back calculator is free and can help establish your potential tax rebate figure.

The calculator can be used by both overseas workers and UK expats. The calculator gives you an estimate of what you might be owed from your pay and tax figures. Other factors can mean you could receive a higher tax rebate, depending on your own set of circumstances.

Not leaving the UK? We have other calculators for you too – calculate your Tax Back.

What tax back can I claim?

It’s really important to know what else you can claim tax back for – you could be owed more than you think. Tax Rebate Services has helped overseas workers and expats for over 15 years to claim tax back for reasons like:

Is there a timescale to claiming tax back?

Tax can be reclaimed for the last four years only, so it’s worth checking for as far back as you can go. Because of the deadline trying to make a claim as soon as you can is always recommended to ensure you don’t lost out on money you are owed.

Other timescales can apply if you are claiming for capital allowances or for overpaid national insurance contributions.

How do I claim my UK tax back?

You can normally do it yourself by using HMRC’s free online service. Making a UK tax back claim as quickly as you can is recommended to avoid missing the PAYE or self assessment deadlines.


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