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Christopher Agnew

Just had a claim completed was excellent service and I got £1063 back from HMRC. Money I wouldn't have had without them.

25/03/2022VIEW REVIEW

Michael Staite

Just had a claim completed was excellent service and I got £1063 back from HMRC. Money I wouldn't have had without them.

11/02/2022VIEW REVIEW

Ollie Claydon

I’m a non resident landlord and I have used Tax Rebate Services since 2016. They have excellent customer service at a very reasonable price. They make dealing with my UK tax affairs so much easier than trying to do it myself in Australia. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing an accountant who is living in or outside the UK like me.

28/01/2021VIEW REVIEW

Jamie Luke Sorrell

#MACToolGiveaway #JanGiveaway ps. Thank you Tax Rebate Services for doing my tax claim and for Paul keeping me up to date throughout and delivering 5* service

21/01/2021VIEW REVIEW

Amy Thompson

Tax rebate services provide us with professional and friendly advice in relation to our annual tax return for our rental property. Not only does Paul provide excellent and timely advice, he also goes above and beyond by considering what other of the services provided by the company can assist us in managing our finances and to ensure we are aware of any changes that could affect the amount of tax we are required to pay, or where we may be overpaying tax. Most recently, Paul was aware that due to the pandemic I was required to work from home indefinitely . Paul contacted me, unprompted, to let me know I was entitled to monthly tax relief because of this. After completing a short form and after a short wait, my tax code has now been changed successfully and I have received a tax rebate for the months overpaid. This is just one example of the excellent customer service provided by tax rebate services, I highly recommend them to all.

12/01/2021VIEW REVIEW

Andy Reay

As a landlord I’ve used Tax Rebate Services for many years to complete my self assessment tax return. They are always professional and helpful with really competitive fees. I would highly recommend them to any landlords who need help with their tax return.

06/01/2021VIEW REVIEW

Craig Thompson

Excellent, I have used Tax Rebate Services for a few years now and they always deliver a friendly, professional and swift service. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

20/10/2020VIEW REVIEW

JD Heyns

Very good service as always from Paul.

10/10/2020VIEW REVIEW

Oscar Perrin

Amazing service! Top notch professional people! Highly recommend cannot stress this enough

27/07/2020VIEW REVIEW

Jonny Graham

I got £295 cheque of these, cleared in day. Nice little bonus before xmas, cheers guys

08/07/2020VIEW REVIEW

John Hutchings

Used this company for the last 2 years running without a single issue. Always really helpful if you have to call with a issue too. Just received my pack for this year that I’ll be sorting once I can get to the receipts in my toolbox

05/07/2020VIEW REVIEW

Alex Debbage

Used this company for the last 2 years running without a single issue. Always really helpful if you have to call with a issue too. Just received my pack for this year that I’ll be sorting once I can get to the receipts in my toolbox

29/04/2020VIEW REVIEW

Vicki Vickers

Great service as always. I would highly recommend Tax Rebate Services.

15/02/2020VIEW REVIEW

Jacob Oldroyd

I got £295 cheque of these, cleared in day. Nice little bonus before xmas, cheers guys

04/12/2019VIEW REVIEW

Neal Fullager

Just received my cheque from these guys £375.
Thanks very much!!

16/11/2019VIEW REVIEW

Derek Catchpole

Already made my claim for the past fours years and it was very nice

06/11/2019VIEW REVIEW

Mike Jones

Defo look into this Stuart Rhys Jones as I got £1200 back mate

29/10/2019VIEW REVIEW

Jonathan Simpson

Dave Walton this is who i used. I got near £700 back

27/04/2019VIEW REVIEW

Chris Carson

Chris Boles used them before great job

08/04/2019VIEW REVIEW

Paul Messenger

I have used tax rebate services for 8 years
And I can't fault Paul and his team
Highly recommended. very good and professional at what they do

05/04/2019VIEW REVIEW

Morgan Clark

Morgan Clark recommends Tax Rebate Services: "I have been dealing with Paul from TRS and he has been more than helpful. He has gone out of his way to help with an issue with HMRC (who haven't been helpful at all). I am not living in UK and it has been hard to deal with, but Paul, who is not getting anything out of this, has gone the extra length to help me out. The issue has been on-going for 6 months and he has responded to me, helped me and suggested alternatives to deal with HMRC. Really, really impressed!"

27/03/2019VIEW REVIEW

Damien Baglee

Used tax Rebate services to help with self-assessment, very professional friendly service and to be honest it has taken a lot of stress off me, thank you very much and I would very much recommend.

21/03/2019VIEW REVIEW

Debbie Baglee

Excellent professional service. Completed promptly and kept me informed. Would recommend

19/02/2019VIEW REVIEW

Jamie Fisher

Cant wait till you guys do yr magic AGAIN

15/02/2019VIEW REVIEW

Elliot Pocock

Just had my pay out £1356 great service use them again

13/02/2019VIEW REVIEW

NSPCC North West & Cumbria Group

A huge thank you to #TaxRebateServicesCarlisle for another fantastic donation. We receive around 90% of our funding from generous supporters just like you. However much you raise for the NSPCC you are giving.

Your most recent donation has enabled the NSPCC to pay for 2 Speak Out and Stay Safe workshops in 2 Primary Schools in one School to reach every child aged 5-11, giving them the knowledge to protect themselves from abuse #everychildhoodisworthfightingfor #fundraising #supportingourvitalservices #makingadifference #llocalcommunities

30/01/2019VIEW REVIEW

Stephen Humphreys

Great service just had £150

26/01/2019VIEW REVIEW

Emma Martin

Excellent service highly recommend Tax Rebate Services

25/01/2019VIEW REVIEW

Gary Phelps

I got just over a £1000 in two payments.

25/01/2019VIEW REVIEW

Byron Smith

Small pay out just arrived this week £520 🙂 tool box year next time can’t wait to use them again in April.

24/01/2019VIEW REVIEW

Susan Hughes

Very professional and I would highly recommend Tax Rebate Services to anyone who needs to complete a tax return.

22/01/2019VIEW REVIEW

Dave Scaife

I did this I got £3000 back after 8 weeks very helpfully highly recommended

12/01/2019VIEW REVIEW

Chris Vicary

So easy, sign a couple forms sit and wait for a cheque

12/01/2019VIEW REVIEW

Paul Wilson

I highly recommend the landlord tax return service. I've used tax return services for many years and will be back again next year.

10/12/2018VIEW REVIEW

Craig Thompson

Excellent Landlord tax return service. Quick, helpful and informative. I wouldn’t use anyone else. Thanks again.

18/11/2018VIEW REVIEW

Ryan Allston

Definitely worth it!! You guys got a me £760 rebate and made it so simple!!

16/11/2018VIEW REVIEW

Jay Jay

Took a while to get the rebate (2-3months) probably the time it takes HMRC . I usually wouldn’t bother but it’s your money and deserve every penny back considering the amount is scroungers not working and claiming every penny they can.

You are supposed to receive a £20 refund for recommendations I have but never received one, maybe you are supposed to chase it up.

19/10/2018VIEW REVIEW

Pete Tilbury-Fowler

From start to finish Tax Rebate Services went above and beyond the call of duty. Not only did they secure me a tax rebate which I have just received; they also helped resolve a potentially expensive "mix-up" with HMRC, at no extra charge.

Their service is friendly, expert, effective and absolutely pain free. Highly recommended!

09/10/2018VIEW REVIEW

Mark Simpson

Ive just used this company to sort mine.... that did a great job and my payment was sorted quicker than expected. Would definitely recommend them.

08/10/2018VIEW REVIEW

Kevin Bell

Very professional landlord tax return service for the last 10 years.
Excellent customer care and would highly recommend.

01/10/2018VIEW REVIEW

James Wilson

Very helpful and always help u through ur claim and keep u to data on how its goin

27/09/2018VIEW REVIEW

Greg Wannop

5* great to work with and very helpful, thanks again Paul

17/09/2018VIEW REVIEW

Louie Lee Wannop

Great service from start to finish. Very professional and great advice , nothing was a problem to them. cannot thank you enough for helping my son . Will definitely use again next year ( 2019 )

17/09/2018VIEW REVIEW

Marc Graham

I’ve used tax rebate services for years. I’ve always found them straightforward and easy to deal with. Everything just happens without any fuss, I’ll carry on using them in the future.

15/09/2018VIEW REVIEW

Jamie Clark

Was very easy and my check came very quickly.

11/09/2018VIEW REVIEW

James Alexander

I have used Tax Rebate Services for the past 2 years In the field of claiming back tax for being a Non UK Resident. They were extremely competent and got an outstanding result every time. They are professional, quick, responsive and trust worthy. I highly recommend and they will be having all my tax business in future. Thank you Paul

10/09/2018VIEW REVIEW

James Alexander

Tax Rebate Services completed my tax return for the second year running and are THE experts in claiming tax back, if you are a Non UK Resident like myself. Paul and his team respond quickly to all questions and constantly kept myself updated. There are many companies that advertise for Non Resident Tax Claim assistance, but you can trust Tax Rebate Services are the best at it, you will not be disappointed. A first class service and I will be coming back again next year for sure.

17/08/2018VIEW REVIEW

Matt Paxton

these guys got me about 2k back in total dating back a few years well worth looking into

13/08/2018VIEW REVIEW

Paul Murphy

I have used Tax Rebate Services for the last 8 years . I have always had a quick and very professional service . Paul has been very helpful I would recommend using their services . Paul Murphy Edmundson Electrical Ltd

01/08/2018VIEW REVIEW

Tom Hogan

I've used Tax Rebate Services for over 8 years and they’ve been great every year. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a tax return ,easy n no stress.... Wouldnt go anywhere else

25/07/2018VIEW REVIEW

Jamie Fisher

I made one claim and got 2 payments ,one of over £1100 and the other £300 for tools then they spotted a problem from when I was self assessment and I had no idea I was being over taxed but they got it sorted and now in waiting for my overpayment in about 8 or so , give them a go as they really helped me

10/07/2018VIEW REVIEW

Tom Muir

Dale Powles Leighton Phillips Kris Gordon this is who I used

26/06/2018VIEW REVIEW

David Dowson

Very helpful well recommended

01/06/2018VIEW REVIEW

Dave Smith

i applied and got 1600 quid

25/05/2018VIEW REVIEW

Jonny McIntosh

Worked for me. Paul and Tony are helpful guys. I tried myself to deal with HMRC and they refused my requests even with having just over £7500 in receipts for tools. Gave the job to these guys and they sorted it out. Few months later a cheque came through the door. Using them again for the 2016-2017 tax year claims also now.

16/05/2018VIEW REVIEW

Christopher Armstrong

Brillant company used them few years back hassle free

02/04/2018VIEW REVIEW

Tom Fully

I did this got over 2g back and to be honest I would of done nothing to get it back so it was money well spent

31/03/2018VIEW REVIEW

James Turner

Great company used them got £1500 thank you once again ! Kept me updated every step of the way

30/12/2017VIEW REVIEW

Geoffrey Bowes-smith

They did ok for me .. now I just have to claim back the washing of my uniform and apparently the money for work boots an protective clothing I have to buy

27/09/2017VIEW REVIEW

Eamonn Byrne

I signed up with these guys everytjing was explained to me clearly. I waited about 3 months and had £6K retutned ti me plus a much better tax number. I think that tgey took 20% but prior to my application I had 80% of nothing. I am happy.

06/10/2017VIEW REVIEW

Geoffrey Bowes-smith

I was sceptical and have spent thousands on tools over the past few years and must say thanks for my nice check I received yesterday

09/09/2017VIEW REVIEW

Liz Morrison

Hi I have used this service for myself and my partner. We left the UK in 2013.
I have received my tax rebate my partner is waiting for his.
Paul & Tony who I dealt with was extremely very helpful. Any questions they can always answer. ...

27/06/2017VIEW REVIEW

Ben Gould

Sorted me out and I didn't have to do anything just wait for the cheque

04/06/2017VIEW REVIEW

Kenny Wright

Just wanted to say thanks to tax rebate services for my refund and referral payment, highly recommended

25/02/2017VIEW REVIEW

NSPCC North West & Cumbria Group

Well done to TaxRebate services who are supporting the NSPCC. Their contribution really helps us to continue doing our vital work for Children who need our support. This year we are celebrating 30 years of Childlike helping over four million children and we could not do it without the generosity of the public and companies like Tax Rebate services. A big thank you from us and the children we help.

05/05/2016VIEW REVIEW

Ollie Claydon

TRS were extremely helpful and professional. Would definitely recommend using Tax Rebate Services if you're a non-resident landlord. Excellent service and experience allowed my return to be done smoothly. Saved me hours of valuable time!

29/01/2016VIEW REVIEW

Rick Rama

A friend of mine just received a large rebate of more than 18,000 GPB; he cannot speak highly enough of Tony & Paul. If you’re a British expat contact these professionals immediately.

06/12/2015VIEW REVIEW

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