Working From Home Tax Relief Guide

Employed and have to work from home? You can normally claim tax relief on some of your household expenses.

If you work from home, you could be eligible to make a claim. No matter what job, our working from home tax rebate guide lets you know if you’re eligible and how to claim back if you are.

Can I claim for working from home tax relief?

To be eligible to claim tax relief for working from home your contract must state that it’s a requirement of your job. Alternatively your employer can provide a letter confirming that you work from home as part of your duties.

You can claim back for the past four tax years only and making a claim can update your tax code meaning you will pay less income tax in the future.

What can I claim tax relief on?

You’re allowed to claim tax relief on the extra expenses you incur to heat and light your work area. Normally these are:

  • The additional cost of utilities (gas and electricity).
  • Work related phone calls.

Work from home tax relief isn’t allowed on household expenses you would be paying for anyway, such as rent or mortgage payments. And it doesn’t cover expenses that relate to both business and private use, like broadband and telephone line rental.

You may be entitled to other tax reliefs (like a tax rebate for tools bought for work), which you can find out more about in our free income tax guides.

How much is the working from home relief worth?

You can claim agreed rates without having to provide receipts.

Working at home agreed rates:

Up to the 5th April 2020 the agreed rate is £4 per week.

After the 5th April 2020 the agreed rate is £6 per week.

If you need to claim more than the agreed rates you’ll need evidence that shows the extra cost you incurred from working at home.

I volunteer to work at home, can I still claim?

If you’ve made a ‘homeworking arrangement’ with your employer, and work at home on a regular basis you should still be able to make a claim if:

  • There’s a recognisable pattern for example three days at home and two days at your normal place of work.
  • Any work you do at home is part of your employment.

To claim work from home tax relief in this situation your employer must make a contribution towards your expenses.

Working from home tax relief and tax returns

If you complete a self assessment tax return you have to include the working from home allowances in the correct box on your tax return employment page.

How do I make a claim for working at home tax relief?

To process your working from home tax rebate claim it’s usually best to follow the instructions provided by HMRC (the tax office) on their website. There is a different process if you are self employed and claiming will involve your self assessment tax return.

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