Tax Rebate for Uniform guide

Do you wash your own uniform? If you do, you could claim a tax rebate on your uniform. 

If you have to wear a uniform, branded clothing, or protective clothing for work, and you have to wash it yourself, you could claim back tax on the cost of keeping it clean.

Our tax rebate on uniform guide will let you know what you are entitled to and how to claim it back.



Who can claim a rebate for uniform?

To be able to claim you must:

  • Have to wear a branded uniform as part of your job − like a nurse or fireman, or a shop worker; in some cases a uniform with a detachable name badge may be allowed
  • Meet the cost of washing your own uniform
  • Not be reimbursed by your employer, or provided with laundering facilities (even if you don’t use them)
  • Have paid tax in the year you make your claim



Need to Knows
How much is a Uniform claim worth?

The minimum you can claim back is £60 per tax year rising up to £720 depending on what industry you work in. You can use our Free Uniform Tax Calculator to work out how much you could be owed.



How many years can I claim for uniform?

You can make a claim for the last four tax years – even if you’ve changed employer in that time.



Do I already have the allowance in my tax code?

You might already have the uniform allowance in your code. If you have you don’t need to claim again. As part of our service we can check your tax code to find this out before you claim saving you time and effort. We will also review other reasons why you might be owed a tax rebate (like using your own car for work use) so you can claim back everything you are entitled to.



Can I claim a tax rebate for anything else?

You could be due more back than just a uniform rebate. You can claim a tax rebate for:

  • Paying into some professional bodies
  • Using your own car or public transport for work purposes − not normal commuting
  • Buying your own tools and protective clothing for work use

You can claim back any additional tax relief at the same time as your uniform claim − and significantly increase the tax rebate you’re owed.



It’s not just about uniform

Some people have jobs which require them to have other work related expenses. These can include traveling to different places of work by using their own car or public transport, buying tools for work and paying into a professional body or union.

It’s worth finding out if you can claim back for more than just uniform. We can help you review what else you are owed back so you don’t miss out.



How to claim – We make it easy

Trying to claim back overpaid tax for a number of years can be daunting, and complicated. You can make a claim yourself or let us do it for you. Our qualified accountants make the process simple and hassle free for you. As we’re members of the AAT, you can be confident that your claim will be dealt with professionally and in the quickest time possible.



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Tax rebate for uniform calculator

Use our online tax calculator to work out how much your tax rebate could be worth for washing your own uniform.

Just enter your gross pay, how much tax you’ve paid. The tax rebate calculator will let you know how much you can claim.

Tax rebate for uniform calculator

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£257 tax rebate

"Many thanks for the very efficient way you dealt with my uniform claim, with refunds being returned by HMRC. You took care of it all. I’m sure pursuing HMRC is somewhat daunting to a lot of us. I will certainly recommend your company; I know colleagues have mentioned you on Facebook."

Mr M Pollard, Gwent - received a £257 uniform refund


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