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Do you buy your own tools for work? Don’t lose out on your tool tax rebate.

Taxpayers are eligible to apply for a tools tax rebate if they are required to purchase the tools they need to do their job. You can make claim for any tools you’ve had to buy for work during the past four tax years – sometimes even longer by claiming capital allowances.

You don’t have to spend your spare time dealing with HMRC’s forms and phone queues. We can take care of the entire process on your behalf getting you the highest rebate.

Continue reading to see if you can claim a tool tax rebate and then start the rebate process by filling in our easy online contact form or call us on 01228 520477.

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Can I claim a rebate for my tools?

Tax relief can be claimed on your tools and equipment if they are necessary to fulfil your job specification. To qualify for a tools tax rebate, you must:

  • Purchase the equipment and tools you need for work with your own money.
  • Have written evidence of these purchases, like your receipts or a tool provider report.
  • Not be paid back for the tools by your employer.
  • Have earned enough to pay income tax.

You can use our free tool tax relief guide to find out what else you can claim for.

About our tool tax rebate services

Our no rebate no fee policy means there’s no risk for you. And because we have a 98% success rate with an average tools tax rebate of over £900 using us could be one of the best decisions you make.

Our team can secure you a higher tax rebate putting more money back in your pocket.

With hundreds of 5 star verified client reviews you can find out what customers have been saying here.

Tax Rebate Services offer:

  • A professional tool allowance service − we use qualified tax professionals. Our reputation and service is second to none.
  • Maximum tax back on tools purchased guaranteed.
  • Free review – to make sure you get any other reliefs that are available for example uniform laundry or tax relief on the interest part of finance payments.
  • An average tax rebate over £900.

How much tax back on my tools can I claim?

On average you can claim back 18% of the total cost of the tools you have bought. You can use our tool tax back calculator to estimate how much your tool claim could be worth.

How do I claim my tool allowance?

Tax Rebate Services specialises in claiming back tax back on tools bought for work. We use qualified accountants to make the process simple and hassle free for you and can guarantee your claim will be dealt with safely and securely.

To get started all you have to do is fill in our easy contact form below or you can give us a call on 01228 520477 to speak to an expert.

Remember – You need to submit a claim to HMRC otherwise you won’t get back what you are owed.

Visit our Tax Relief page for information on other areas you may be able to claim for.

Tool Tax Rebate Calculator

How much is your Tools tax rebate worth?

Just enter the total of how much you’ve spent on tools and the calculator will let you know how much you can claim.

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