Police Officer Uniform Tax Rebate Guide

Every police force employee can claim a tax rebate for the cost of cleaning their uniform.

This allowance is available to everyone in the police force, from community support workers to Chief Inspectors, and even for back office staff. If you’re not claiming what you’re due, we can help.

The Police Uniform Rebate Guide helps you decipher what you qualify for and the practicalities of how you make a claim.

How much can I get back?

You can claim back the cost of laundering your uniform for the past four tax years.

The standard police officer uniform tax rebate set by HMRC is £140 a year. Other police force employees who are responsible for cleaning their own uniforms can get £60 each year.

Once you’ve made a claim your tax code will change, so you’ll continue to save tax in future years while you’re still paying subscriptions.

You can also claim for:

  • Police Federation subscriptions − if your employer doesn’t reimburse the cost you can claim for the past four years.
  • Using your own car – if it’s outside normal commuting to and from work and you’re not fully reimbursed by your employer.

More free guides about tax rebates and income tax are available here so you can find out more.

Are you a Police dog handler?

If you are a Police dog handler and your dog lives with you at home and you use your own car to transport your dog to work, you can normally claim a mileage allowance for travelling to and from work. In a similar way you can claim a mileage allowance for travel to the nearest suitable place to exercise your dog.

How to make a Police officer tax rebate claim

To start the process you should contact HMRC and claim online or by post. You can call HMRC if you have claimed before or have any questions relating to the process. HMRC should let you know the outcome of your claim in writing in about 8-12 weeks after receipt of your claim.


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