Can I claim tax relief on Police Federation fees?

Tax relief can be claimed on membership fees into the Police Federation.

A claim is currently allowed for the last four tax years. The police federation have agreed with HMRC that tax relief is available on 100% of the membership cost.

Officers of the Metropolitan Police have an arrangement whereby subscriptions are taken at source from an officer’s salary and no tax is deducted, so there is no need to claim Police Federation tax relief.

What else can I claim for?

Other common reasons for a Police tax rebate to be due are:

Police community support officers can claim for laundry of uniform as well.

Pay less income tax in the future

When you make a claim your tax code can be changed meaning you will pay less tax moving forward. With many Police officers serving for a long time you can save a considerable amount of money by automatically paying less tax in the future.

How to claim for your Police federation fees

A claim will need to be made to HMRC either online or by post. HMRC should reply to you in about 8-12 weeks with confirmation on what you may be owed back.


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