Can a police dog handler claim a tax rebate?

Yes. There are some tax allowances that apply to all police officers and some that apply only to police dog handlers.

Every Police Officer

If you have not already been reimbursed by your employer, all police officers can submit a tax relief claim for the following work expenses:

Dog handlers’ extras

To acknowledge the extra responsibility you have in taking care of your police dog, there is some tax relief available for making your usual journey between your home and permanent place of work. This is very unusual and is based on the fact that you are transporting the dog at the same time as doing your daily commute (which is not usually allowable). Sometimes you can also claim for tax relief on the cost of travelling from your home to the nearest place you can exercise the dog.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Your contract requires you to live with the dog in your home, or kennelled nearby.
  • It is your sole responsibility to feed, groom and exercise the dog and you get a grooming allowance to reimburse you for this outlay.
  • The dog’s behaviour is entirely your responsibility – both in and out of working hours.
  • Your home is in approved private housing or police authority accommodation.

How to claim your Police dog handlers tax rebate

Your claim should be sent to the tax office either in writing or by online submission. Once the tax office have your claim a response is usually received in about eight to twelve weeks along with any tax rebate you may be owed.


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