Can a PCSO claim a tax rebate?

Yes, Police Community Support Officers are entitled to claim a tax rebate for several work expenses:

  • Uniform – everyone employed by any Police Force in England and Wales, can claim a flat rate uniform laundering allowance worth £60.00 per year. This does not apply if you have laundry facilities provided for you at work, or if your employer reimburses the cost of laundering your uniform.
  • Using your own vehicle – not for usual home to work commute, but for making journeys to temporary workplaces.
  • Police Federation fee – many PCSOs decide to become fully fledged police officers. It’s good to know for the future that the membership cost to the Police Federation is subject to tax relief, if you decide to get your warrant.

Good to know and how to make a claim

Your first PCSO tax rebate claim can be backdated for 4 tax years and you save money on future tax bills with a newly adjusted tax code.

Start your PCSO claim today by sending your claim either by post or by online form to HMRC.


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