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It’s easy – just fill in your details to find out if you’re owed a tax refund.

There are lots of reasons why you might be due a refund of tax and remember if you don’t claim you won’t get back what you are entitled to.

Tax Rebate Calculator
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Tax Refund Calculator – Calculate your tax rebate today.

How to calculate tax back…

  • Select a tax year – you can only go back four tax years
  • Enter your total gross pay
  • Enter your total tax paid

The tax rebate calculator will give you an estimation of the tax refund you might be due if you have overpaid tax through your salary.

Find out more about tax refunds

Finding out more about why you could be owed a tax refund can really pay off. Because there are a number of different reasons that can result in a tax refund being due it’s always best to discover which could apply to you.

How does the Tax Refund Calculator work?

The main figures used to calculate a refund are:

1. The tax free personal allowance for the tax year. This means you only pay tax on earnings over the tax free allowance.

2. Any other income under PAYE for example from a pension.

3. Depending on how much you earn you can pay tax at different rates. The rates are currently 20%, 40%, and 45%.

4. Your tax code which can vary depending on different factors. If it’s wrong you can overpay or underpay tax. You can find out more about tax codes in our tax code guide.

Do I qualify for tax back?

If you are employed, our tax back calculator can be used for lots of reasons to help you find out if you qualify for a tax refund. These include:

In most cases it’s down to you to claim back the tax you are owed. The tax man expects you to make a claim but put’s the responsibility on you as the tax payer to start the process.

There is a time limit to claim a tax refund

There is a time limit of four tax years for you to claim tax back. This could be good news because if you have overpaid tax in more than one tax year you could get a larger tax rebate. It also means you should act as quickly as possible to ensure you don’t miss out.

How do I claim my tax back?

Submitting a tax refund claim can be tricky, which is why our service can help you get the largest legitimate tax refund in the quickest time. We let you claim for your tax refund online or by phone which helps speed up the process.

The average tax rebate reclaimed by Tax Rebate Services is over £900, so if you’ve tried our tax refund calculator and want to find out how you can claim this money back, simply fill in the form below.

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