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Our Tax Rebate and Accountancy Services

We have a range of accountancy services to ensure you receive what you’re entitled to while optimising your finances to make sure you don’t pay more tax than you should.

Since 2002 we have helped thousands of people claim tax refunds for many different reasons. We specialise in claiming back tax relief and capital allowances.

Some of our most common types of tax refund claim are:

Many tax payers employed under PAYE are unaware that they can claim a tax refund because they have to pay for their own work related expenses like tools and for travel to temporary workplaces.

The key to making a successful claim is to firstly find out if you are eligible and then work out how and when to apply. Depending on the type of claim you make we can ensure your overpayment of tax is refunded for the last four tax years and also reduce the amount of tax you pay in the future too.

We complete the paperwork and delve deep to discover the money you’re entitled to and ensure you are repaid all of the tax you are owed in a few easy steps.

Who is entitled to a Tax Refund?

You are entitled to claim a tax refund if you have overpaid income tax within the last four tax years.

There are many different types of tax payer who overpay and can claim a tax refund. These include, but are not limited to:

We offer a range of Tax Rebate Services, all of which are designed to make claiming a tax refund easy and simple.


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How Can We Help You Claim a Tax Refund?

We understand that you lead a busy life which is why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to claim a tax refund. We’ll assess your situation and uncover the areas in which you are entitled to a tax refund to ensure you receive the maximum amount you’re entitled to.

Millions of pounds go unclaimed every year as tax payers are either unaware they are owed a tax refund or try to claim themselves unsuccessfully. That’s where we help. We not only find out what you’re owed, we do all the paperwork and manage your claim from the beginning saving you valuable time and energy.

In five minutes you could discover you’re owed a refund of hundreds sometimes thousands of pounds in tax. This could be the most profitable five minutes you spend this year.

How Does Tax Rebate Services Work?

When you get in touch we’ll review your eligibility to see where you’ve paid too much tax. This can span over four tax years which can add up to a lot of money for you. With your permission, we’ll fill in all the paperwork and liaise with the HMRC to claim your tax refund. You will receive your money in the quickest time possible with our team working with the tax office to successfully complete your claim.

How to Claim a Tax Refund

You can claim your tax refund by following a few simple steps. When you first contact us we’ll let you know if we can help right away. Then we’ll:

  • Post or email some simple forms for you to sign. When you send them back we’ll let you know that we’ve got them
  • Submit your tax rebate claim or tax return to HMRC immediately
  • Deal with every aspect of your claim including questions and correspondence
  • Follow up your claim to make sure it finishes quickly
  • Guarantee you receive the highest possible tax rebate
  • Send your tax refund by cheque or BACS transfer

 How Much Do Tax Rebate Services Cost?

Because we have more than one service we have more than one fee. We keep our pricing easy to understand and completely transparent.

  • We don’t charge unless you receive a tax rebate, so it’s risk free for you.
  • We charge our fee as a percentage of the tax refund you receive which is only payable after HMRC has refunded your overpayment of tax.
  • Our fee covers your claim from start to finish with no hidden extras or lengthy contracts.

The accountancy packages we offer are tailored to your needs with our fee subject to the work required. You can request a free accounting quote today.

Accountancy Services

We have decades of experience with qualified, certified accountants on hand to help you in all aspects of your business and dealings with the HMRC. Our accountancy packages cover:

We apply the same ethos to our accountancy services as we do to our tax rebate services. We’re here to help you receive the money you’re entitled to, and to optimise your accounts, using due diligence, attention to detail and complete transparency.

Free Tax Calculators and guides

Alongside our tax rebate and accountancy services we also work hard to bring you relevant, up to date information on a range of financial subjects. We have money guides to help you manage your money more effectively, tax guides and free tax calculators.

As a thank you for visiting our website we have made our tax and money resources available to everyone (and not just our clients) free of charge.

You can keep informed by using our award winning tax blog and join our thousands of followers on facebook too.

Refer a friend and earn cash

Our Refer a Friend scheme is very popular and puts money back in your pocket for doing a good deed. All you have to do is let your friends and family know about us and we will take care of the rest. For every successful tax refund claim worth £250 or more you will receive £25 cash. It’s a great way to earn free money and at the same time help your friends and family get a tax rebate that they didn’t know about.

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