How do I claim a Tax Rebate Online?

The best way to claim your tax rebate online depends on the type of tax rebate you are needing to reclaim.

HMRC have made claiming a tax rebate online a lot easier over the last few years and it usually means you receive your refund quicker than through the post.

Requesting your tax rebate online can also bring added security benefits which is something we all need to be aware of when dealing with our tax affairs.

The online repayment options that are now available from HMRC can replace the older versions benefitting everyone involved.

P87 employment expenses online

The online P87 allows you to claim income tax relief on your employment expenses. This replaces the previous option of needing to post your employment expenses claim to HMRC.

You still have the choice to post your claim by completing your P87 on screen so you can print off a paper version.

What can I claim on the P87 online?

Think of all the things you pay for, just to do your job. Do you know that HMRC defines many of these as ‘allowable work expenses’? Which means that every taxpayer is allowed to claim tax relief on these costs.

There are plenty of reasons why you might not have claimed yet, but the important thing is to act quickly so you don’t miss the deadlines.

You can claim a tax rebate online if you:

These are only a few of the most common claims; there are many more that may apply to you.

  • It’s not just about expenses incurred at work – you can claim back for other reasons like leaving the UK or for higher rate pension tax relief.
  • Tax regulations apply to all UK taxpayers; part time, full time, private or public sector, British national or visiting from abroad.
  • Your first claim can be backdated for the last 4 tax years – increasing how much you could be owed
  • You continue to make tax savings into the future because you tax code will be changed to incorporate your work expenses.

Personal tax account to claim your tax rebate online

The personal tax account can be used to claim back an overpayment of income tax. If you have overpaid tax under PAYE HMRC should let you know usually by posting you a P800 form.

You can in many cases follow the instructions via your personal tax account to request that your refund of tax is repaid to your bank account.

HMRC app tax rebate online

In a similar way to the personal tax account the HMRC app gives you the opportunity to claim overpaid income tax online. The payment can be arranged by entering your bank details so a BACS transfer can be made to you instead of HMRC posting you a cheque.

The Government Gateway HMRC account

The government gateway is a centralised online portal which is needed to secure access to varying HMRC online services including the personal tax account.

Having a government gateway account is recommended so you can request your income tax refund online in the shortest time possible.

Self Assessment overpaid tax online

The self assessment system provides access to tax refunds online. Your bank details can be entered on your self assessment tax return and you can request overpayments through self assessment online.

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