Claim a Tax Rebate for your Uniform

If your uniform has a company logo or you use specialist clothing which you have to wash, you could be due a tax rebate.

You can make a claim for the past four tax years, and you can make tax savings moving forward as well.

Uniform tax claim form

HMRC require a claim for uniform tax relief on a P87 employment of expenses form or a self assessment tax return.

P87 uniform tax relief claim

A P87 is available to submit online or you can complete it online, print it off and then post it to HMRC to the address on the form.

Any other job expenses that may be applicable should be included on the same P87 form.

Uniform tax relief if you complete a Tax Return

Claiming a tax rebate for uniform on its own is not a reason for a self assessment tax return to be completed.

If you are claiming back other job related expenses at the same time as uniform relief and the value of your claim is over £2500 a tax return will be necessary and your uniform allowance should be included in the relevant employment section of your return.

For those who already complete a tax return for reasons other than job expenses the uniform allowance should be included on your tax return.

Uniform claim four tax year deadline

You have four years from the end of the tax year to claim back what you are owed otherwise you will lose out, this includes uniform claims and other expenses because of your job under PAYE.

Income Tax savings in the future

After your uniform claim has been completed you should be issued with a new tax code which will include your new uniform allowance.

This will result in you paying less tax moving forward giving you continued savings on your tax bill.

Our Uniform tax calculator can help you calculate out how much you could be owed back from HMRC.

Your uniform relief won’t be refunded automatically

In most situations tax relief has to be reclaimed with the responsibility on each tax payer to request their entitlement.

With this in mind it’s likely that if you haven’t made a claim before for your uniform or other expenses you could be overpaying tax.

Visit our Tax Relief page for information on other areas you may be able to claim for and our tax refund calculators to work how much you could be owed.

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