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Use your car for your job? Don’t miss out on your tax back!

If you’re required to use your car for work travel, then you should check to see if you are owed Mileage Allowance relief. Use our free mileage tax back calculator to see what your claim could be worth.

Don’t let the complicated regulations and paperwork put you off claiming your money back – we take care of the tricky bits for you.

Our service guarantees a maximised tax rebate claim. Read on, to find out more.

About our services:

  • Professional tax back service − we use qualified tax professionals. Our reputation and service is second to none
  • Trusted by professionals for over 15 years
  • Maximum tax back on mileage – guaranteed
  • We answer all questions and correspondence from HMRC
  • Complete any tax returns at no extra cost
  • Claim back for any other work related expenses at the same time

How do I claim back my mileage?

You need to make a claim through correspondence or on a tax return. A mileage claim can be backdated for four tax years and it makes no difference if you were employed by different people. Claiming mileage relief is often challenging, especially if you are looking to claim for more than one tax year.

What it’s worth to you

The total you can reclaim depends on a few factors including the rate at which you pay tax (usually either 20% or 40%) and if you are paid any non-taxable mileage payments by your employer. AMAP rates at 45p and 25p per mile are used to calculate your allowable mileage and then you’re given tax relief on that figure at either 20% or 40%.

About our mileage claim services

Tax Rebate Services offers expert help in claiming back mileage. As we have a team of highly qualified and professionally regulated accountants, we have a top-class reputation and exceptional customer service record. We are trusted by innumerable tradespeople and professionals to claim back their mileage tax relief each year.

With a 98% success rate and average rebate of over £2500 you should make a claim today.

Mileage Tax Rebate Calculator

Claim your mileage rebate today...

Just enter the rate at which you pay tax, and the number of business miles you've driven. The mileage rebate calculator will let you know how much your claim is worth.*

Tax Rebate Calculator
How much could I claim? »

*This calculator only provides an estimate and doesn’t take into consideration any mileage paid by your employer.

Visit our Tax Relief page for information on other areas you may be able to claim for.

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