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Use your car for your job? Don’t miss out on your mileage tax relief. If you use your own car to travel because of your job, you may be able to claim a mileage allowance relief. Making a claim can be difficult and time consuming – but we make it easy and hassle free.

  • Professional mileage tax back service − we’re regulated by the AAT and use qualified accountants. Our reputation and service is second to none.
  • Maximum tax back on mileage – guaranteed.


About our mileage tax rebate services

Our no rebate no fee policy means there’s no risk for you. And because we have a 98% success rate − with an average mileage tax rebate of over £2,500 – using us could be one of the best decisions you make

Learn more about claiming mileage tax rebates

If you have to use your car to travel to different places because of your job, you could be eligible to claim mileage back. Claiming mileage can be a confusing subject. Finding out what mileage you can and cannot claim for is important, to make sure you claim back all of what you are entitled to.

Can you claim for mileage?

Many people are unaware that claiming mileage tax relief is possible and miss out on what they are entitled to. However claiming mileage is not allowable for normal commuting to one place of work, and you will only be eligible if you travel to a temporary workplace.

How do I claim back my mileage?

A mileage claim can be backdated for four tax years and you don’t have to be with the same employer to claim. To claim mileage relief is often challenging, especially if you are looking to claim for more than one tax year.

About Tax Rebate Services

Tax Rebate Services offers expert help in claiming back mileage. Regulated by the AAT using qualified accountants our reputation and service is second to none. We are trusted by countless trades men and professionals to claim back their mileage tax relief each year. With a 98% success rate and average mileage rebate of over £2500 you should make a claim today.

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Mileage tax relief calculator

Use the mileage tax relief calculator to work out how much you can reclaim

Just select the percentage at which you pay tax and enter your total business mileage to be given an estimation on how much mileage tax back you can claim.

Mileage tax relief calculator

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£4,335 tax rebate

"Got my mileage tax rebate cheque today for over £4000, it’s been well worth the effort!"

P Delaney, Regional Manager, London, Received £4,335 for claiming tax back on petrol mileage


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