Leaving UK Tax Back Guide

If you’re moving away from the UK, or you have relocated in the last four tax years, you are probably due a leaving the UK tax refund.

You can use our Free UK tax back calculator to work out how much your UK tax refund could be.

Find out what applies to you and how to navigate HMRC’s system with our leaving the UK tax back guide.

Who is allowed to claim UK tax back?

Anyone who has left the UK in the last four tax years is allowed to apply for a UK tax rebate. There is no way to trigger an automatic tax refund; HMRC needs you to submit an official claim before they can refund your tax overspend.

Why would I be due a leaving the UK tax refund?

There are several reasons why you may be able to recoup some tax. These include:

  • Personal Allowance – if you have not used the entire amount in the year you emigrate.
  • Job expenses − There are a whole range of work expenses you may not have claimed before you left. For example: buying equipment for work, looking after your uniform and belonging to a Trade Union.
  • Having non-resident status, or being a non-resident landlord of property in the UK
  • You are paying UK tax on pension income from the UK
  • You continue to be a UK taxpayer but are employed in another country

Our free income tax guides can help you understand more about what tax relief is available.

How much tax back can I claim?

There’s no upper limit. The amount of UK tax you can claim back depends on a number of factors, like how much tax you paid in the UK, and if you had other sources of income. The average tax refund we achieve for our clients who are leaving the UK is over £900. As part of our free review we’ll help you calculate the amount of tax relief you can claim.

Essential paperwork for a Leaving the UK tax back claim

There are a couple of crucial forms you need to support a UK tax back claim:

P85 contains the date you left the UK, your UK residency status and your employment situation abroad. You don’t need a P85 if you fill in a UK tax return. If you are required to complete a UK self assessment tax return a P85 is not needed.

When you complete your tax return any tax you are owed will be repaid after the tax return has been submitted. As part of our service we can help you submit any necessary self assessment tax returns online.

Your P45 will be given to you from your last UK employer when you leave their employment. If you do not have your P45 don’t worry we can still make a claim for you but it might take a bit longer to complete

Your national insurance number is shown on your payslips and other tax forms like a P45 and is specific to you. A claim is possible without a national insurance number as long as certain other information is available.

What is the process of reclaiming my UK tax refund?

Whether your departure date is imminent, or you resettled years ago, the claims process can be difficult especially when you add time differences into the mix. The process can normally be done online and over the phone which is especially important if you have already left the UK.

Our dedicated UK tax refund account managers are here to support you from deciding what forms you need to complete through to the submission process and checking of any tax refund secured from the tax office.

It is completely acceptable for taxpayers to submit their own claims, or use our professional service to help you.

Our leaving UK tax refund service

At Tax Rebate Services we offer a free leaving the UK tax review to ensure you claim back all available tax reliefs, not limited just to the year you move abroad.

It’s important to remember that HMRC wants to refund your money but you need to apply for it to get it back.

Our experts have many years’ experience in claiming tax back for our clients. We can deal with the whole process for you, keeping things simple for you, and providing you with the peace of mind that you’ll receive everything back you are owed. Just complete the UK tax back form below or give us a call on 01228 520477, and leave the rest to us.


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