New Zealand UK Tax Refund Guide

Are you from New Zealand and worked in the UK, or an expat living in NZ?

You could be owed a UK tax refund.

Thousands of New Zealanders come to the UK to work, with many Brit’s going the other way to start a new in life in NZ. Either way, it’s easy to forget about the tax you leave behind, but you could be missing out on a large UK tax refund.

Don’t leave it too late: you’ve got four years to make a claim. After that it’s too late and you won’t be able to reclaim your tax back.

Claiming a UK tax rebate from New Zealand has no affect on your right to return and work in the UK.

Am I entitled a UK Tax Refund if I’ve moved to New Zealand?

Yes, it’s open to everyone who has paid tax in the UK. It’s important to know that you won’t get your UK tax refund automatically, to get back what you are owed you need to make an official claim.

The great news is that the tax rebate you receive is not classed as income by either HMRC or the New Zealand Tax Office, so you receive the full amount tax free.

What can I claim UK tax relief for from New Zealand?

The answer is it depends on your circumstances. There are a number of factors meaning you could be entitled to claim. These include:

How much tax can I claim back?

There are are a few factors that affect how much you might be due, like the amount of tax you’ve paid and if you’ve had any other sources of income.

You can use our free UK tax back calculator work out how much you may be owed for the tax year in which you left the UK.

What paperwork do I need to start?

To start a claim we will need a:

  • P85, which we can give you. The P85 tells the tax office about your date of leaving and some other details about your tax position.
  • P45, which is given to you by your last employer. You are still eligible to claim for your tax back even if your P45 is not available.

How do I get UK tax back from New Zealand?

The best way to submit a UK tax rebate claim from New Zealand is by completing a P85 online or self assessment tax return. You can also complete your P85 online, print it off and post it directly to HMRC.

HMRC will issue any UK tax refund due after they process your P85 to a nominated UK bank account or post you a cheque.

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