Ireland UK Tax Refund Guide

Are you Irish and worked in the UK in the last four tax years? Or are you in Britain now and coming to the end of your stay?

Don’t forget to claim your UK tax refund.

You could lose out on hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pounds by not claiming the tax back you are due. Lots of people come from Ireland to work all over the UK and leave tax behind that they are rightfully owed.

Who can apply for a UK tax rebate from Ireland?

If you have paid income tax on your salary, you are eligible to apply for a tax rebate. This claim can be backdated going back 4 years and can be made even if you are already back in Ireland. But no-one receives their refund automatically, you have to get it back yourself.

Why would I be due UK tax back when I’m moving to Ireland?

You can claim tax back if:

How much tax can I claim back?

The amount you claim depends on your income and how much income tax you have paid. There is no upper limit being in place.

Our UK tax back calculator can help you work out your UK tax back estimate.

Neither the UK’s HMRC, nor Ireland’s Revenue consider your UK tax rebate to be taxable income; so you receive the full amount.

What do I need to make a UK tax rebate claim from Ireland?

To get started we’ll usually need:

  • P85, which we’ll give you, confirms when you left the UK and contains other information about your UK and foreign employment status.
  • P45, everyone gets one of these when they leave a UK employer. It’s not vital you have it, but it helps.

How do I get UK tax back from Ireland?

The easiest way to make a UK tax rebate claim from Ireland is by submitting your P85 online or self assessment tax return. You can also print off and post your P85 directly to HMRC at the address shown on the form.

Your UK tax back will be refunded to your UK bank account or by cheque after HMRC processes your P85.

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