Pakistan UK Tax Refund Guide

You could be eligible for a UK tax refund if you were working in the UK and are now living in Pakistan.

Many Pakistani nationals lose the money they are owed from the UK tax office because they don’t make a claim. Let us help you find out what you can claim so you don’t miss out.

Can I apply for UK tax back from Pakistan?

Yes, you can claim this money from Pakistan. If you work and pay tax in the UK, then you are entitled to make a claim for a tax rebate. This can be backdated for 4 years. You do not have to be living in the UK when you make the claim.

If you do not submit a claim, you will not get any money. It will not automatically get paid back to you from the Tax Office.

What tax can I claim for from Pakistan?

Some of the common reasons are:

How much tax can I claim back?

Each person is different so everyone needs to be assessed individually.

Our free UK tax refund calculator can help you work out the value of your UK tax refund.

It’s really good to know that you get the full amount of your rebate back to you, without it being taxed by HMRC or by the Federal Board of Revenue in Pakistan.

There is no problem with depositing your tax rebate into your Pakistani or a UK bank account.

What do I need to start a UK tax bac claim from Pakistan?

There are 2 main documents needed for this process:

  • P85, which  states the exact date you left Britain and other facts about your employment status
  • P45 is not absolutely crucial, but you should have been given one by your employer as you left your UK job.

A Self Assessment tax return is sometimes needed.

How do I get UK tax back from Pakistan?

The easiest way to make a UK tax back claim when living in Pakistan is online by completing a P85 or a self assessment tax return if necessary. You can also print off and post your P85 directly to HMRC from Pakistan.

HMRC will process your P85 and issue any tax refund due to a nominated UK bank account or post you a cheque if you would prefer.

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