Construction Workers tax rebate guide

Employed in the construction industry? Pay for your own travel costs, tools or protective clothing?

It’s likely you will pay for work related expenses out of your own pocket and not get reimbursed by your employer or contractor. If you do you can claim back tax relief on some or all of those expenses for the last four tax years.

It’s common for construction workers to have employed work under PAYE and self employed income under the construction industry scheme in the same tax year. It’s important to know that many of the expenses allowable under self employment can also be claimed against PAYE work as well.

Tax Rebate Services has been supporting CIS and PAYE workers in the construction industry since 2002 and invite you to read on to learn more about tax rebates in the construction sector.

Construction workers allowable expenses

It might surprise you to learn what construction workers who aren’t self employed can claim for. This includes:

  • Travel expenses  if you have to travel to different sites for less than 24 months, and use your own car, van, or motorbike, or even public transport
  • Tools if you buy your own tools and aren’t reimbursed by your employer
  • Protective clothing for example gloves and boots that aren’t supplied by your employer
  • Washing protective clothing or uniforms even if your employer supplies the clothing you can still claim if you have to pay for cleaning it
  • Accommodation and subsistence expenses if you’re not reimbursed in full by your employer or are paid an allowance which is taxed

Our handy and free income tax guides give you more information on what you may be eligible to claim for.

Five things to know before you claim:

  • If you don’t claim you won’t get back what you’re owed
  • It doesn’t affect your employer or contractor
  • You don’t have to be with the same employer to claim
  • Receipts aren’t always needed
  • Our average rebate secured for construction workers is over £900

Construction industry tax returns

A self assessment tax return has to be completed by all CIS sub contractors and some PAYE workers. If you work under PAYE only and you have a claim worth £2500 or more in any one tax year a tax return will need to be submitted. If handled correctly filling in a tax return should not be looked upon as a negative and we are here to take care of the whole process for you.

How to make a construction tax claim

We’re experts at helping construction workers claim tax relief on their expenses. We use our knowledge and experience to keep your end of the process as uncomplicated as possible. The qualifications of our accountants give us professional endorsement, and you extra peace of mind.

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