Plumbers Tax Rebates

As a Plumber you will have essential costs that enable you to do your job. Most of these expenses will never be reimbursed by your employer or contractor which means you should be entitled to claim back tax relief from HMRC on some or all of what you have spent.

What did you shell out for last time you were at the plumbers’ merchant?

Spanner set, blow torch, sealant?

Did you get the tax back on these work expenses?

Whatever your trade, if you’ve been shopping at the plumbers’ merchant for work tools and equipment, then you should be asking the tax office for some money back.

What you can claim back applies to both people who work under PAYE and those who are self employed under the CIS scheme.

The tax office let you claim back for work expenses because you have to use your own money to pay for things that are essential for work. This means that you are entitled to tax relief on your plumbers’ merchant shopping list.

What Plumber’s expenses can you claim a tax rebate?

It’s not just about tools. Some of the most common expenses a plumber can claim for include:

Why don’t I know about this already?

Many tradespeople don’t know that they are missing out on their own money. HMRC can’t reach everyone all of the time which is why it’s important to find out more yourself so you can claim for your tax rebate before any deadlines.

How do I claim a Plumbers tax rebate?

You can claim for up to the last four tax years at the same time on a HMRC form P87 or a self assessment tax return.

The P87 form is for claims worth less than £2500 and you are not already in self assessment.

A claim worth £2500 or more will normally have to be processed by completing a self assessment tax return typically online.

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