Scaffolders Tax Rebate Guide

There’s a good chance that if you’re working as a Scaffolder you could be owed a tax refund.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working under PAYE or if you are self employed under CIS, you can still be eligible. With claims being backdated for the last four tax years many Scaffolders are owed hundreds sometimes thousands of pounds.

Expenses a Scaffolder can claim for:

Think about how many of these things apply to your personal working life and this isn’t an exhaustive list.

The final rebate amount is unique to each person but it runs to hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pounds. Extra good news…we can claim back over the last four years.

If you don’t claim you will miss out

The tax office need to be told about your expenses and won’t automatically reimburse you.

If you haven’t claimed before you should act to find out if you are entitled sooner rather than later because deadlines do apply.

Until they contact us many Scaffolders we help are unaware of the rules that entitle them to a refund on their work expenses. But with our vast experience and expert knowledge of current regulations, we can ensure that you get back all your money into your pocket.

Ready to claim but worried about the paperwork?

Don’t be worried, get in touch and we will support you. As you will appreciate, good foundations are essential. We will need some basic information about you and the expenses you have incurred to start your claim.

Our Scaffolders tax rebate service

As part of our service we fill in the necessary forms with you, do any cross-checking on the phone with the Tax Office and chase your claim until you have your tax refund. Our experts can help both employed and self employed individuals which will ensure you reclaim the maximum tax rebate you are owed.

To start your claim, just fill in the online contact form below, or call us on 01228 520477.


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