What is an R38 form for?

An R38 is the form you need if you have paid too much tax and you want to reclaim this overpayment. If necessary, you are also able to nominate another person to receive this payment for you on an R38 form.

Is an R38 form complicated?

The R38 is a form provided by HMRC and can be filled in either online or in paper format. There are 11 questions to answer in total. These are mainly regarding your personal and financial details such as your Self-Assessment reference (UTR), the dates you’re claiming for, and your preferred recipient of the refunded monies.

It is imperative that the R38 is completed correctly, as any mistakes or omissions made can seriously delay any refund of tax you are owed.

Top tip: You cannot save and go back to the form once you have started it, so it’s a good idea to get all your information together before you start. Then you can complete it all in one go and print it off. Post one copy to HMRC and keep another for your own files.

When am I eligible to submit an R38 form?

If you have worked and paid income tax in the UK and you know that you have overpaid, then you should complete an R38 to get your money back.

There are a whole host of tax reliefs available for work expenses incurred by UK taxpayers: Trade Union membership, fees to belong to professional bodies, tools and equipment, buying and washing uniform and working from home, to name but a few.

How will I receive my R38 tax refund payment?

The procedure for receiving your actual refund payment depends on whether or not you are in self assessment.

If you don’t submit a self assessment tax return, you will receive your tax refund as a ‘payable order’ which you will need to pay into your building society or bank. If you do not have an account, you can nominate someone who does and include their details as the recipient in the ‘Authority’ section.

If you do fill in a self assessment tax return HMRC usually sends you repayment directly to your bank or building society account. Obviously, this means that these details will need to be included on your form. Alternatively, if you are not an account holder, you can name someone as a recipient and include their details instead.

How we can help with your R38 form

Processing a claim using an R38 can often be a time consuming and complicated process. However, here at Tax Rebate Services, we’re experts in reclaiming overpaid tax and can ensure you receive all the tax you’re owed from the last four tax years.

An R38 should not be used in all cases, meaning another type of HMRC form or format is necessary to reclaim what you have overpaid.



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