Can I claim NMC tax relief?

If you pay for your own NMC fee you will qualify for an NMC tax rebate. 

All registered Nurses must register with the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) and most pay for it themselves. An agreement is in place that means you can reclaim tax paid on the full NMC registration fee.

How far back can I claim for?

Four years is as far back as you can go. With your initial claim you’ll get the tax relief you are owed for the last four years and get a new tax code, meaning you reduce the amount of income tax you pay in the future too.

Am I eligible to claim for anything else?

It’s likely that as a Nurse or healthcare professional you’ll pay for other things that HMRC classify as ‘work expenses’. Tax relief can be claimed back on many of these costs. For example:

  • Professional bodies like the Royal College of Nursing
  • Trade Union membership
  • Cleaning your uniform, where your employer does not have the necessary laundrette facilities, or give you any laundry cost compensation
  • Shoes and tights
  • Driving your car in the completion of your duties, but not for normal commuting
  • Equipment that you have to buy for work

How much is an NMC tax rebate worth?

The NMC fee currently costs £120 per tax year. You can claim a tax rebate worth either 20% or 40% of the annual fee. The percentage of tax relief depends on if you are a higher tax payer (40%) or basic rate tax payer (20%). In addition to the NMC fee you can add into your claim any other work related costs at the same time. The average tax rebate we secure for a Nurse is in excess of £400.

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