Teacher Tax Rebate Guide

If you’re a teacher, you could be paying more than your fair share of tax.

Many teachers are able to claim a tax rebate for professional fees, specialist clothing, and mileage.

All teacher tax rebate claims can incorporate the previous four years and carry on saving you on your monthly tax bill with a new tax code.

Our teacher tax rebate guide gives you the information you need to see which tax reliefs apply to you and how to recover your money directly from HMRC (the tax office).

What can you claim a teacher tax rebate for?

  • Professional fees − you can claim for the subscription fees to many professional bodies, like the NUT and NASUWT. The amounts vary, as each professional organisation has to make its own arrangement with HMRC.
  • Specialist clothing − for example if you’re contractually obliged to teach or supervise pupils for PE or sports lessons, and have to buy sports kit to perform these duties, you can claim tax relief for this clothing.
  • Washing of specialist clothing – if you have to wash specialist clothing, and any uniform that includes your employer’s logo, you can claim an allowance worth £60 per year.
  • Using your own car – you can’t claim for commuting to one permanent place of employment but you may be able to make a claim for other business mileage. For example, you may be a peripatetic teacher who needs to travel to different schools within the community.
  • Using your own home − you can currently claim from £6 per month (without receipts) if you have to use your home for work. This is only permitted if you are required to work from home and it’s not just for your convenience. The WFH allowance covers costs like gas and electricity, not rent or mortgage payments.

More can be found by using our free income tax and tax rebate guides.

For most types of claim you’ll normally need some receipts or records, but it’s not a lost cause if they’ve already been recycled. You can potentially use bank or credit card statements as evidence to back up your claim instead.

Who is eligible for a teacher tax rebate?

  • All primary and secondary school teachers.
  • Lecturers.
  • Higher Educational Professionals.
  • Teaching assistants.

This list is not exhaustive so it’s always worth checking if you are eligible.

Saving you money with a new tax code

After your teacher tax rebate claim is completed you should receive a new tax code which will increase your tax free personal allowance.

HMRC will usually issue a new tax code to both you are your employer after a successful teacher tax rebate claim.

It is worth checking your tax code is accurate and reflects all of your allowances and reliefs are included correctly.

This will mean you will pay less income tax moving forward unless your circumstances change and stop paying for some or all of the work related expenses you have previously claimed.

Will making a teacher tax rebate claim affect anything else?

Making a claim for tax relief on your work related expenses should not affect any other payments you receive from the government, like child benefit.

Your employer is not involved in the process at all, as all correspondence is strictly between you as an individual and the tax office.

How to claim your teacher tax rebate

To claim your teacher tax rebate you should get in touch with the tax office aka the tax office.

You can easily start the process online and HMRC has phone and online support if you need to talk to someone.

For most teachers completing a P87 form online is the quickest and easiest way to submit your claim to HMRC.

The P87 let’s you claim for multiple tax years (up to the last four) so you can backdate a claim using the same form which is conveinient.

When completing a P87 you should enter your bank details if you would prefer a bank transfer.

A postal version of the P87 can be used by downloading it from HMRC’s website.

Teachers who complete a self assessment tax return should not complete a P87 and instead enter all of their claim on their tax return in the relevant employment section(s).

After receipt of your claim HMRC will give you a response in a timescale of about 8-12 weeks.

Teacher tax rebate P800

HMRC will post you a P800 tax calculation letter for each tax year of your claim detailling any income tax rebate due to you.

The employment related expenses HMRC has allowed from your claim will also show on the P800 so you can check them for accuracy.

Finally your P800 notifies you how you will receive any money you are owed back for example by bank transfer or cheque.

If you find any issues when checking your P800 you can call HMRC on the phone number provided on the form.

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