Claim Tax Back On Union Fees

Union members: You may be eligible for tax relief.

If you have to pay union fees because of your job it is likely You can get tax relief on the annual cost. Many large unions have an agreement in place with the tax office, which allows for tax back to be claimed on union subscriptions for the last four tax years.


When can you claim union tax relief?

If you belong to a union for the industry in which you work, and you pay membership subscriptions, fees, or dues, you may not only be able to receive a union tax rebate for past years, but also reduce the amount of tax you pay in the future by a change in your tax code.


You are eligible for a union tax rebate if:

  • You are a member of a professional union for your industry
  • The tax office has approved the union of which you’re a member


When you can’t receive a union tax relief

If your union has not been approved by the tax office, you will not be able to receive tax relief.

In addition, union tax rebates are not available in cases where:

  • You’ve paid for a lifetime membership to a union
  • Your employer pays your union membership fees—you must have paid with your own money


How much is union tax relief worth?

The amount you are due back depends on the agreement in place between your union and the tax office. Some agreements allow tax relief on the full union fee but some only allow a percentage.



It’s not just Union fees that are eligible for tax relief – you can claim for other expenses like your work uniform or for tools you buy for work.


How do I claim a tax rebate on union fees?

Tax Rebate Services has helped countless Union members claim tax back on their fees. Our team of tax rebate experts can claim back what you are entitled to in the shortest time. We are regulated by the AAT using qualified accountants who will make the process easy and hassle free.

Just fill in a contact form and we will contact you immediately or call us on 0845 094 0005 or 01228 520477.

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