Our Accountancy Services

Finding the right accountant to meet your needs is important.

Getting the right one saves you time and money whilst giving you the peace of mind that your tax affairs are in order. Since 2002 we have been keeping tax simple for thousands of individuals and businesses throughout the UK and overseas.

Why us?

  • We use qualified financial accountants to give you the best accounting support and tax advice all year round.
  • Our tax specialists help both companies and individuals nationwide.
  • The service we offer is tailored to you and great value for money.
  • Tax Rebate Services will help your business grow and lets you focus on what matters the most.

Accountancy services and tax advice

Who we help

From our offices in Carlisle our accountancy and tax services support businesses and individuals throughout the UK and beyond. The range of our accounting package means we can take care of all of your tax and accountancy needs in one place. We work in the way that’s best for you with the options of meeting either at our offices (or we can come and see you) or everything can be dealt with easily over the phone and by email.

What we do

Meeting deadlines and abiding by the many rules and regulations is important because if you don’t the penalties can be harsh. The Tax Rebate Services team of accounting and tax specialists will make sure you’re individual and business tax affairs are correct and up to date throughout the tax year. In addition we can help save you money now and in the future by giving you the tax advice and support you need. Our aim is to make dealing with your tax affairs easy freeing up your time.


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Accountancy services

A crucial part of any business is dealing with your accounts. It’s often a frustrating and time consuming process using up too much of your time and energy. Our accountancy package is the solution and can take care of your bookkeeping, payroll and other accounting requirements all under one roof.

Tax services

The world of tax is often complicated and confusing meaning getting some tax advice is recommended. Our cost effective tax services include Corporation tax, Capital Gains tax, R&D Tax Credits and VAT.

Our pricing

All of our fees are competitive and agreed before any work is undertaken. You will find our fee structure very clear with no hidden extras and any questions can be answered by your dedicated account handler. Fill in our contact form above to get a free quote today.

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