Sole Trader Accountant

Congratulations – you have entered the wonderful world of self employment.

You own and operate your own business. It is the least complicated way to start trading – even though it may not seem simple.

From a legal standpoint, you and your business are completely interconnected. You are liable for fulfilling your business contracts and honouring its debts. Everyone knows that you need to keep copies of all your invoices and the receipts for business expenses. But the tax system is daunting in its complexity, when it comes to all your other financial responsibilities.

Why Sole Traders love Tax Rebate Services

We have been helping sole traders from a range of sectors grow their businesses since 2002. Our expert accountants and tax advisers secure your position in the driving seat of your business with accurate, pro-active accountancy.

We strive to keep things as clear and simple as possible; we don’t need to show off our ‘tax-speak’ knowledge. We make sure that you understand every financial detail, as this is the key to the successful, long term growth of your business.

TRS ensures that all of our Sole Trader clients are totally compliant with HMRC regulations, with maximum tax efficiency. In other words – you only pay the tax bill you owe and you get every tax relief you are entitled to.

Save yourself the time and hassle. You make the money; we’ll organise the numbers.

What we can help you with:

  • Initial new business registration
  • Registration for tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs)
  • VAT
  • Tax returns
  • Annual accounts
  • Advise on compliant record keeping and evidence requirements
  • Personal Self Assessment Tax Returns
  • Book keeping
  • Payroll
  • Joining a Flat Rate Scheme
  • Communication with HMRC on your behalf
  • Claims for tax reliefs and work expenses
  • Meet all HMRC deadlines and avoid fines for late submission or payment

We design a bespoke Sole Trader package for each client to match their specific tax and accountancy requirements; whether you’ve been trading for years or are just about to start.

Great Value

We are excellent value for money because we deliver a top quality service at a competitive price. Transparency underpins our pricing. Everything is decided up-front, so you don’t need to worry about having unexpected ‘extras’ added on to your bill at the end.

Get in touch with us today by filling in our online contact form or call us 01228 520477 to speak to sole trader tax specialist.


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