NHS Tax Rebates

As an NHS employee, you may well be owed tax relief on your work related expenses.

Good news! This is not just for the current tax year, but extends back over four years and decreases your future tax bill for as long as you as employed.

It doesn’t matter what your job title is, we’ve helped Nurses, porters, care workers – the list is endless. Find out today what you can claim for and don’t miss out on the money you’re owed.


What can I claim an NHS tax rebate for?

NHS uniform tax rebate

Working for the NHS usually means you will have to meet the cost of washing your own uniform.

If you have clothes with an NHS logo and you do not receive any laundering facilities from your employer, you can claim a uniform tax rebate. Usually, laundry costs are given at a flat rate of £100 annually depending on your job title.


Membership of professional bodies and unions

If you have paid for membership to a professional body such as the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) and your employer has not reimbursed this cost, you can claim for tax relief on your professional fees. Some NHS employees can claim for union fees for example UNISON. Tax relief cannot be claimed for all professional bodies and unions.


NHS mileage tax relief

Any journeys made for work purposes, apart from commuting, are regarded as business miles. This may include journeys from your main workplace to a clinic, or to a client’s home.

Depending on the amount paid to you as a mileage allowance from the NHS an additional claim for tax relief is often possible. You can claim .45p per mile for each business mile up to 10,000 miles. So, if your employer gives you less than 45 pence per mile, or your mileage is taxed in full you can apply for tax relief.  It is useful to have a journey log when making a claim, but even if you do not have these details, you may still be granted a tax rebate.


Work equipment and tools

If you have had to buy specialist equipment for your work and you have not received any reimbursement by the NHS, you may be able to claim expenses against the tax on these. Tax rebates can be given for books, laptops, stethoscopes and many other work related tools, if they are used solely for work purposes. You will need proof of purchase for a claim to be allowable.


How do I claim an NHS tax rebate?

Tax Rebate Services are experts in helping NHS staff claim back what they are entitled to. We take away the hassle from claiming and make sure you get back everything you can.


About Tax Rebate Services

  • Professional – using qualified accountants
  • Trusted – by countless NHS staff and healthcare workers
  • Guarantee – you get the full tax rebate you are owed
  • Easy to use – we track your claim and do all the work

Claim an NHS Tax Rebate
“Just the type of company I like to deal with. No hard sell, just the facts and an offer of your service. It has been a pleasure from start to finish, and I got a refund of over two hundred pounds.”

Mrs Reid, Midwife, Kent, received a £208 NHS uniform tax rebate



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