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Institute of Civil Engineering

Claiming tax relief on ICE fees

The Institute of civil engineering subscription is approved by HMRC for tax relief, meaning ICE members could save money on their ICE membership fees if they are UK tax payers.
You can make a claim for tax relief on your ICE fees for the previous four tax years. Other expenses like washing your own uniform and travel can also be claimed.

How do I claim tax relief?

Tax Rebate Services specialises in helping ICE members. We can help you claim tax relief on your membership fees and other job related costs, such as using your own car for work purposes and buying tools and equipment for work use.

Who can claim?

All members can claim tax relief on their ICE membership fees. If you are making a tax relief claim for the first time you can claim for the current, and previous four tax years.

How much will I get back?

The amount you will get back will depend on how much your fees are and the bracket in which you pay tax. Typically a member can claim 20% of your ICE membership  fee.

Make A Claim Today

Tax Rebate Services will use qualified experts to help claim back the tax relief you are entitled to. Call Tax Rebate Services on 0845 094 0005 or 01228 520477 or click here to apply online.

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