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Q. What is a P46?

A. P46 is the reference given to the form ‘Employee without the form P45’. You will usually need to complete a P46 if you start a new job and your last P45 is not available.

The P46 tax form is important because it helps you pay the right amount of income tax. If you don’t have a P45, or fill in a P46, your employer will normally need to use an emergency tax code against your salary, meaning you can over pay tax.

Do I need a P46 tax form?

The most common reasons why you will need a P46 tax form are:

  • You can’t provide your new employer with your last P45 form
  • You are starting your first ever job
  • are starting a second job without leaving your current employment

Completing a P46 tax form is your responsibility. You should not assume your employer will fill in a P46 for you.

What information do I need to provide on form P46?

The P46 form needs you to state information like whether you make any student loan payments and received any Job Seekers Allowance. Certain details about your tax code are also requested, along with some basic personal information.

Tax Rebate FAQ'sWhere do I get a P46 tax form from?

If you don’t have a P45 your new employer should provide you with the P46 form to fill in. Once you have completed and signed the P46 your new employer will pass it on to the tax office.

Are you due a tax rebate?

If your finding out about a P46 it’s a good time to ask yourself - "Am I due a tax rebate?"

You could be owed money you didn’t know about and you can back date a claim for the last four tax years.

It’s quite easy to pay too much income tax and there’s lots of reasons why for example:



Tools and protective clothing

Professional fees

Pension tax relief

Use of home

Normal commuting to one place isn’t allowed but you can claim for traveling to different places of employment

Washing a uniform or protective clothing means you should be able to get a uniform tax rebate

If you buy tools and protective clothing for your job, and your not paid back the cost by your employer you can make a tax rebate claim

Most professional bodies and some unions have agreements in place permitting tax relief on some or all of the annual cost

An extra 20% tax relief is available to higher rate tax payers contributing to a private pension

Having to work from home because of your job entitles you to tax relief on house related costs like gas and electricity

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