Can I claim a UNISON tax rebate?

Many UNISON members are owed a UNISON Tax Rebate on 70% of their membership fee. Not all members qualify for this tax relief but can be eligible to claim a tax rebate for other reasons.

In the deal negotiated with HMRC, it states that the following sectors within the Healthcare industry qualify for tax relief on their UNISON subscription fee:

  • General Manager and Senior sector
  • Professional and Technical ‘A’ sector
  • Professional and Technical ‘B’ sector
  • Nursing sector
  • Ambulance sector
  • Voluntary sector

Please see the full list of each qualifying job within each sector in our UNISON tax rebate sector section.

On behalf of their members, UNISON negotiated with the tax office for 12 years. They should be commended for achieving a level playing field for UNISON members, who work with members of professional bodies (like the Royal College of Nurses) that already receive tax relief on their subscription fees.

UNISON members can also claim for…

At the same time as claiming your UNISON rebate you can apply for tax relief on other work costs you incur.

For example:

  • Professional fees like the NMC.
  • The maintenance and washing of Uniform and protective clothing.
  • Travel required by your job; like visiting clients in the community. This includes public transport and private vehicle usage.

New tax code

When your claim completes, you should receive a new tax code increasing your tax free personal allowance. When this happens you will start paying less tax and make tax savings in the future.

How do I claim my UNISON tax relief?

Tax Rebate Services has been working with UNISON members for many years. We make a difficult process easy and make sure you get the maximum possible tax rebate. All you have to do is drop us an email, give us a call on 01228 520477, or fill in our quick contact form below – then we can get started on your tax rebate claim.

Trusted UNISON tax rebate service

We maintain our reputation for excellent customer service by insisting on using highly qualified and fully regulated tax experts.

Maximum UNISON tax rebate guaranteed

Our experience ensures you get your maximum legitimate entitlements as quickly as possible.


We deal with all tax office correspondence and any phone calls.

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