What is the HMRC app?

The HMRC app is available for free to download on your phone so you can find out more about your tax information.

HMRC’s app provides a range of tax services aimed at making your details easily accessible at a time that’s good for you.

The UK government has produced the HMRC app so you can access your personal tax details and make use of a variety of other online functions easily and conveniently.

Using an online solution to find out the facts and figures you need is usually time saving and less hassle than having to use a more traditional form of communication to contact an often understaffed government department like HMRC.

We take a look at what you can use the app for and what areas of tax it covers so you know what to expect before you hit the download button.

How do I download the HMRC app?

Getting the app is relatively straightforward and very similar to most other app downloads.

The HMRC app can be downloaded on your smartphone in the normal ways for both android and IOS devices.

It is made available on both:


What can I use the HMRC app for?

HMRC have focused on key details that they know a lot of individuals need on a fairly regular basis.

Before HMRC online often the only way to get the details you needed was through phoning HMRC which is restricted by time constraints so taking advantage of what the app offers is a winner for everyone.

We have broken down what’s on offer by the use and subject type below:

HMRC app for reference numbers

  • Your national insurance (NI) number.
  • Your unique tax reference (UTR) number for individuals with a self assessment record.

HMRC app and tax rebates

  • Request a reimbursement if you have paid too much income tax. In many cases you and ask for a tax refund to be paid to a bank account instead of receiving a cheque through the post.

HMRC app and tax codes

HMRC app calculators

HMRC app for income tax and benefits

  • The details of your income and benefits.
  • Your PAYE earnings from the last five tax years.
  • How much tax credits you will receive and when the payments will be made.
  • Declare changes to your tax credits and complete your renewal.
  • Your child benefit entitlements.
  • Your state pension estimation.
  • Check your government Help to Save account.

HMRC app and Self Assessment

  • Your ten digit UTR number.
  • The amount of self assessment tax you owe HMRC.
  • Submit a self assessment payment to HMRC.
  • Schedule a reminder to pay your self assessment tax bill.

HMRC app and National Insurance

  • Use a tax calculator to work out your national insurance deductions.

HMRC app and general administration

  • Monitor forms and letters you have sent to HMRC. This is ideal if you want to make sure your correspondence has been received and being reviewed by the right department.
  • Adjust your postal address – this sounds simple but it’s important. HMRC still uses the post to send out important information so to make sure you receive it you should tell HMRC if you move address.
  • Opt to be contacted electronically by HMRC as opposed to by mail.

What do I need to use the HMRC app?

To begin using the app, first enter your government gateway user ID and password in the login section.

If you don’t have a government gateway account you will be given the option to set one up when you download the app.

Our government gateway account guide lets you discover more about the government gateway service.

When you go to use the application again, you will be able to log in either by:

  • A six number combination.
  • Your fingerprint scan.
  • Facial identification.

HMRC digital assistant to answer questions

The app gives you access to HMRC’s digital assistant to locate details on receiving technical assistance with HMRC online services and can answer a variety of tax focused questions.

Both individuals who pay taxes through both PAYE and self assessment can access digital assistant service.

It can prove highly efficient in addressing common inquiries that were previously directed to HMRC’s customer phoneline.

In the event that the digital assistant is unable to help you have the option to request a transfer to a webchat with an HMRC advisor.

Personal Tax Account

The personal tax account is a convenient online service offered by HMRC providing similar and some different services to the app.

It provides you with a centralised platform to access all your personal tax information.

With the HMRC personal tax account you can manage your tax affairs at your own pace, usually eliminating the need to contact HMRC through phone or written correspondence.

By having immediate access to your personal tax account, you can often save valuable time and effort enabling you to effectively handle your tax matters in a more efficient manner.

Business Tax Account

A business tax account is a no cost online service offered by HMRC separate to the app. This account enables you to oversee more than forty business taxes through a single online platform.

The majority of business taxes, schemes, and duties can be linked to your HMRC business tax account providing you with simpler and more accessible access to your tax records.

It’s important to note that a business tax account is not automatically assigned to you so to establish an account for your business you must complete a registration process with HMRC.

HMRC online services

The HMRC app and other tax accounts mentioned above are only some of the available services made available online by HMRC for both businesses and individuals.

To sign up for HMRC’s online services it’s necessary to create a one off government gateway account first.

It’s worth considering which of HMRC’s online services might be of use to you so you can sign up for them and have access already set up for when you need it.

You might not need to use what HMRC’s online services offer very often but when you do it could save you a meaningful amount of time and effort.

HMRC has simplified the process of setting up access making it well worth your time and effort considering the potential benefits you can gain in the future.

HMRC will no doubt keep improving the general online user experience and add in other services and options moving forward, so its worth keeping an eye on anything new that’s relevant to you or your business.

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