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On the 9 February 2023 HMRC announced that the HMRC app had nearly 40 million logins from April to December 2023.

That’s a lot of logins and shows that HMRC’s digital services are being adopted at an increasing rate.

In September 2022 HMRC calculated that 1.5 million people called HMRC about issues that could have been managed online.

Imagine the time saved by both individuals and HMRC if the 1.5 million people in September 2022 all used the app instead of phoning?

It makes sense to use the HMRC app when you can because it saves you calling HMRC (to often wait in a que) giving you access to what you need at a time that suits you and not just when HMRC phone lines are open.

The cost savings for HMRC could be significant with a reduction in the manpower needed for phone calls meaning some funds could be used in different areas to support HMRC staff and improve other services.

What can you use the HMRC app for?

The HMRC app does have limitations however what it can do is effective and gives solutions to many popular tax related queries.

The HMRC app let’s you:

  • Check your tax code.
  • Find your national insurance number.
  • Find your UTR number for self assessment.
  • Pay tax that you owe for example your self assessment tax bill. On the 17 January 2023 HMRC confirmed nearly 65,000 taxpayers paid their SA bills through the app since April 2022 with it taking around 60 seconds to make your payment via the app.
  • Update personal information like a change of address.
  • View your annual tax summary.
  • Manage child benefit and tax credit information.

If you have ever had to phone HMRC in the past for any of the information listed above it’s now time to consider using the app instead before making the call.

Have you tried the HMRC digital assistant?

The HMRC digital assistant is another potential time saver for everyone. It is worth using as a starting point for most standard queries associated with tax.

HMRC have established that in over 50% of cases the digital assistant helps people find the information they are needing.

For situations where the answer can’t be found you can be put through to an HMRC advisor via a webchat.

Other online HMRC tax services

HMRC also reported on the successful use of text messages containing links to web pages that give details on issues like password resetting and finding reference numbers.

The service dashboard service has been trialled and is now available to everyone who wants to check processing times and current service levels. HMRC service dashboard provides up to date timescales for post and online queries for agents, corporation tax, income tax, self assessment and tax credits.

I need some help with my tax who can I ask?

Using online services sometimes isn’t as easy as it sounds and asking someone for help is a good idea if you need it.

The HMRC trusted helper service is available to individuals who need some support to deal with their tax and would like to give someone they know and trust the permission to help manage their record with HMRC.

There are many reasons why someone may feel that they need assistance when dealing with HMRC and their tax affairs.

Asking someone you know well to help you through the process makes sense and the HMRC trusted helper service let’s you do that whilst still maintaining the legal responsibility for your own tax.

You can set up the trusted helper service online with .GOV.


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