What is a Business Tax Account?

A business tax account is an online service provided for free by HMRC. The business tax account allows you manage over forty business taxes from one online account.

Most business taxes, schemes and duties can be added to your HMRC business tax account which gives you easier and more convenient access to your businesses tax related records.

You are not automatically given a business tax account which means you will need to complete a registration process with HMRC to set up an account.

Can any business set up a business tax account?

A business tax account is available to all types of business including sole traders, limited companies and partnerships.

The HMRC business tax account is a different service to the personal tax account which you may have as an individual.

You will have one account administrator who can give access to other team members who can then use the business tax account too.

How do I set up a business tax account?

A business tax account is quite straightforward to set up online. HMRC recommends following the steps below to open your business tax account:

Create a Government Gateway user ID to set your business up for online services.

If you already have a government gateway user ID for your business you should be able to use the account you already have to register for a business tax account.

In your government gateway account you can choose the type of tax you want to add to you account.

For the first time you use the business tax service you will usually be sent a 12 digit activation code normally within 10 days of enrolling which can be used for 28 days before expiring.

Adding a tax service to your HMRC business tax account

When you have logged in via the government gateway you can choose which tax service to add to your business tax account.

You will be asked some information specific to the service you are adding for example your ten digit partnership UTR number if you select the partnership option.

HMRC will then send you an activation pin for each service which will arrive with you through the post in about 10 days. The activation pin needs to be entered before you can start using the service.

Do I need a business tax account?

A business tax account is not compulsory and it’s your choice to register if you want to.

HMRC are giving individuals and businesses as much online access as possible to their tax records to make things easier for everyone.

The business tax account gives you the opportunity to get information when you want and without having to contact HMRC or your accountant.

Even if you think you might not need a business tax account right now it may sensible to get one open just in case you need it in the future.

Why waste your time calling HMRC for a reference number or figure when you can login and find it yourself at a time that’s convenient to you?

HMRC business tax account services let you:

  • Access help with your business taxes.
  • Add or remove a tax scheme or duty from your account.
  • Administer account access.
  • Update business contact information.
  • Receive secure messages from HMRC.
  • Change business tax account security settings.
  • Change tax agent details.
  • Make payments and returns.

What business taxes are included in a business tax account?

HMRC make available over forty tax, schemes and duties so you should be able to add most if not all of what you need to your business tax account.

You can use your business tax account to access these services:

  • AEOI (Automatic exchange of information)
  • Alcohol and tobacco Warehousing Declarations
  • Anti-money laundering supervision
  • Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings
  • Company Tax online
  • Charities
  • Child Trust Fund
  • Construction Industry Scheme
  • Corporation Tax
  • Duty Deferment Electronic Statements
  • Employment related securities
  • Excise Movement Control System
  • Fulfilment Houses Due Dilligence Service
  • Gambling Tax services
  • Import Control System
  • Intrastat supplementary declaration
  • Machine Gaming Duty
  • Making Tax Digital for VAT
  • Making Tax Digital for Income Tax
  • Gambling Tax service
  • Modernising Stamp Duty
  • New Computerised Transit System
  • National Export System
  • Notification of Vehicle Arrivals
  • PAYE for Employers
  • Pension scheme online for administrators
  • Pension scheme online for practitioners
  • Rebated oils enquiry service
  • Self Assessment
  • Self Assessment for partnerships and trusts
  • Soft Drinks Industry Levy
  • Secure messaging
  • Shared Workspace
  • Tied oils enquiry service
  • VAT

Business account tax cards

A business account tax card is opened in your account for each type of tax you register for.

You will be assigned a new tax card every time you add a new tax to your account.

The business account tax card includes all of the available information relating to each tax including reference numbers and balances.

I need help setting up my business tax account

HMRC offers support with your business tax account online to help you through any difficulties. You can use this link to take you to find HMRC support contact details.

If you have an accountant they will usually be able to help as well with the majority of issues being easily sorted by a quick email or phone call.

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