HGV Drivers Tax Rebates

Are you an HGV driver or a lorry driver?

Do you find yourself spending your own cash on work?

If so you can claim a Tax Rebate from HMRC to get some of your money back. Many professional drivers don’t know they can claim tax relief on costs incurred at work, and miss out on tax rebates for the last four years!

Remember it may be your money but if you don’t make a claim the taxman will keep it.


What can I claim a lorry driver tax rebate for?

Below are some of the costs you can claim back as a lorry driver:

  • LGV licence
  • Bills for licences. If you have to pay any medical bills for these licences, you can claim for this too.
  • The cost of passport photographs for your licence.
  • The cost of your Digital Tachograph Drivers’ Card.
  • Certificate of professional competence – Even when you have got your licence, you might still be spending your own money on your CPC. You can claim for this too.
  • Uniform Tax Relief – Washing your own uniform with a company logo or protective clothing
  • Specialist clothing – Many HGV drivers and lorry drivers have to buy their own specialist clothing like  steel toe capped boots, and high visibility work wear. You can claim tax relief for protective clothing you have to buy for work.
  • Tools Tax Back – If you spend money on keeping up your work vehicle, or if you have to buy any equipment or tools for work such as strap forks or spanners, these might add up to more than you think. But you can get your money back by claiming a Tools Tax Rebate.
  • Midday Meal Allowance – If you have to work away from home and you are not reimbursed in full for your midday meals, tax relief can be claimed


How many years can I claim for?

You can make a tax rebate claim for the last four tax years and you don’t have to be with the same employer to claim.


How do I make a lorry driver tax rebate claim?

Tax Rebate Services specialises in helping HGV and lorry drivers claim for their expenses. We can help you claim back for everything you are entitled to. We use qualified tax rebate experts to make your claim easy and hassle free.



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