How do I let HMRC know that I am leaving the UK?

You let HMRC know that you are leaving the UK either through your Self Assessment tax return or, if you do not submit a return, using form P85.

Self Assessment tax returns are usually submitted by self employed people, landlords and company directors.

Most employed people, paid through a PAYE system do not complete Self Assessment tax returns. Form P85 leaving the UK contains all the necessary information, such as the employment you are moving to outside the UK, your UK residency status and the exact date you are leaving the UK. However, if your new job abroad is for at least one tax year, full-time and for a UK-based employer then you may need to send HMRC both a tax return and a P85.

Is there a deadline for letting HMRC know I am leaving the UK?

Yes, postal tax return submissions are by 31st October and the 31st January online . There are fines if you are late filing.

Why should I tell HMRC I am leaving the UK?

You should tell HMRC that you are leaving the UK if you intend to work abroad for at least one tax year, or if you are permanently emigrating. This ensures that your tax records are accurate.

It also gives you a way to reclaim any UK tax that you are owed by HMRC. The amount you can reclaim is calculated for each individual based on their particular situation. It involves figures like how much you earned from different income streams and how much UK income tax you have paid.

What can I claim tax relief for?

  • Work expenses – the scope of these tax relief regulations is wide, such as; uniform laundering, buying tools for work, membership fees to Trade Unions and professional bodies
  • Residency status – ‘if you are non-resident for tax purposes’
  • Let your UK property – if you rent out UK property, then you can be defined as a non resident landlord
  • Income from a UK pension and are paying UK tax on this income
  • Personal Allowance – if you left mid-tax year and not utilised the whole amount you are entitled to
  • Paying UK tax and are employed in a different country

These are all reasons that you could be due a UK tax rebate. You can backdate your claim for 4 tax years and there is no maximum claim limit.

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