Can I make a tax claim?

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward yes/no answer. Each tax relief claim is dealt with on an individual basis. But there are plenty of situations in which you could be entitled to claim tax relief and, as an employee, HMRC take the last four tax years into account. The quickest way for you to get an idea whether you have a legitimate claim, is to use the free Tax Calculator at the bottom of this page.

Tax relief cannot be automatically repaid by HMRC. You have to submit an official tax rebate claim.

Am I eligible?

Finding out involves reading the relevant regulations, found at GOV.UK, and figuring out which tax reliefs you are entitled to claim. They require varying degrees of evidence, which you must have to support your claim. Then you must submit correct paperwork, by the given deadline and there are fines for even genuine mistakes.

Don’t delay

There is a time limit of four years before your tax refund is lost forever. Unsurprisingly, lots of people are put off by the paperwork and don’t bother to reclaim their overpaid tax. Many wise taxpayers save themselves the time and hassle by seeking the advice of a tax expert. We can assess your situation, identify all the tax reliefs you are entitled to and submit the claim on your behalf.

Top Tip: Check your tax code

One of the most common reasons for paying too much tax through the PAYE system  is by not having the correct tax code. If you don’t pick up on the wrongly issued code, this overpayment continues. You can find out how to check your tax code here.

Getting an incorrect tax code does happen, especially if you have changed jobs or have had company benefits like a company car. HMRC should be in touch to explain your tax code using a form called a P2, which is known as a ‘notice of coding’. It’s best to inspect it immediately, to ensure that the tax code you are given is right.

Find out what you can claim

Use our free tax claim calculator at the bottom of this page to get a personalised estimate of how much tax relief you could be entitled to claim.

Or check out our tax services to see if any can help you. Don’t miss out on getting your money back!

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