Dual Residence Tax Guide

Dual residence can seem complicated and daunting. No one wants to pay tax twice on their earnings. Our complete guide enables you to be informed, to ensure you never pay a penny more tax than you’re supposed to.

What is dual residence?

Those people who are resident in more than one country may be deemed a resident for tax purposes in both and may be subject to taxation within both countries.

Some countries though, have taken measures to ensure people are not subject to double taxation and thus have agreed on a double taxation treaty. The double taxation treaties can be complex and vary from country to country.

Am I dual resident?

To be dual resident relies on many factors, which are set out in the double taxation treaty between the UK and your other country of residence.

Does dual residency affect the tax I pay?

Your dual residency can affect the amount of tax you pay in the UK. If you are classed as being a dual resident you should only pay tax on part of your income in the UK. This is particularly important to understand if you trying to clarify your UK non resident status.

It is important to check your dual residency status for the current and last four tax years to prevent you from being taxed twice on the same income. If you don’t you could be paying too much tax in the UK.


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